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Saturday, December 21, 2013


Hello friends!

Wow, this week just about ate me alive. But the good news is I am alive, and we had a very magical wonderful Christmas Show at the Thousand Oaks Civics Art Plaza, and for that I am grateful! Nonetheless this particular season is kicking my booty hard, I'm sure you can relate! Anywho, yesterday I apologize for dropping the ball, I just had to give some time love and attention to everything else I have been neglecting for too long, like family, laundry, my health (boo) and of course I have done no Christmas shopping. Waahhh! It is all good though. How are you? Are you hanging in there? Times like these we need to take a deep breath, and ponder on what matters. Ya know?

Getting back on track, I am super duper excited about today's giveaway. Summer and I recently wrote and through together a brand spankin' new Christmas song and video. In true GWG fashion we quickly wrote, recorded and filmed this video in a matter of 2 darn days. We love to stress ourselves out, haha! But when it all comes together we usually decide that it was worth it! We love making these music videos, and being silly and getting into the holiday spirit! We gotta give shout outs to friends who helped make it possible, my buddy and guitar extraordinaire Kevin Haaland for producing, playing and mixing this track with us. Jihan for connecting us with the cutest gal Taylor of Taysings, who connected us this a rad accordion player, Colin Hatch, who she started a band with, their called JUNECAT and they are really good, be on the look out. We can't leave out our girl Priscilla Chang for being our right hand Girl with Glasses and keeping us moving and organized on set. And then a big shout out to Kerry Bellessa who shot this whole thing, we couldn't do it without the K-bells. And guess what, Dave Ray CPA made his first debut in this one, he's a bit bashful about it, but I love it. All in all, we just love how this turned out, and hope you do too! (Disclaimer, um, we don't speak French. Forgive us for all of our idiomatically incorrect usage of french words, it's all in good fun)

So here is the scoop... Today we are giving away a pair of our golden glittery glamourous official GLITTER GLASSES! As well as a pair of my personal favorite dangly EARRINGS from designer MARCIA MORAN that I love. Also, because I dropped the ball yesterday, we are giving away a free download of our other Christmas classic "I LOVE CHRISTMAS", happiest Christmas Song ever!


Thursday I ran an Instagram contest for the 7th Day of Christmas and gave away my favorite wrap watch, the jane, from Feral Watches! Winner was announced today on Instagram, thanks sooo much to Feral watches for joining in the fun!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

6th Day BWC: Silent Night and A Spotify Premium Membership

Anybody that knows me, knows I live for playlist. When I grow up I just want to make playlists for a living. If I love you than I probably have made you a playlist, or a mix tape or mix CD. Whatever the format, nothing delights me more than to hand select song by song the perfect list of tunes to dance to, drive to, party to, cry to and just get through life to! From nostalgic and sentimental songs from childhood, to oldies classics, hip hop and top 40, cheezy adult contemporary, to indie rock to down home country, I am into just about everything. Well not everything, but most of it. And then there is Christmas music, which holds it's own special place in my heart and my music library. 

Today's giveaway coincides with my playlist obsession. I will be giving away 2 six month long premium memberships to Spotify! This means no ads, and the premium membership means you can listen to almost any song desire, on your computer, phone, device wherever you are!! Whether you're at home, in the car, at a friends, at work, at the grocery store (yep, London listens to spotify at Target all the time, keeps her from turning into a wild monkey child). This membership is usually $9.99 a month, so this is a pretty cool deal, well I think so anywho:) Also, importantly, it's a legal service and it still supports the artist, yay! 

So if you are a hardcore music lover like me, and you live for a good playlist, and you don't have a premium membership, then you should jump on this!


1. START: A Spotify account if you don't already have one (it is free and easy to sign up)

2.  FOLLOW: Follow my Brookify Playlist (posted above in this post!), which I will be changing and updating week to week, starting in 2014! Yay, dreams come true!

3. CREATE: your own 10 song Christmas Playlist and include at least one song from my album, Brooke White Christmas! 

4. COMMENT: Leave me a comment letting me know you entered, and your favorite Christmas song

Lastly, tonight is the big show, it's been a long time, and I am looking forward to jumping on a stage with my awesome band, playing some tunes and connecting with the audience. One of the moments I am most excited about is singing Silent Night, we will close the show with it and have the audience sing along. I did this last year, and the feeling in the room was beyond magical. Music is a gift!

There are still some random single seats left, as well as a row or two available towards the back. If you've got nothing to do, come get into the Christmas Spirit with us tonight at 7:30 at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza

Also, winners for the last two contests:

Day 4: Sequin Pants: this was a hard one! Bravo to the six brave souls that danced for the pants, but they were all so cute and hilarious, it was so hard to choose! The winner of the sparkly pants and a signed BWC CD is: @lyndsbeegee, yeah girl you went for it, and it is so good! laughed my head off. go you!
Congrats!! Please send an email to with your address and size, woohoo! 

Day 5: Winner randomly drawn for 100 Christmas Card Prints from ASHLEE'S PRINTING: @ladybugaloo! Cute family you've got! Send an email to to get the process started for your Christmas cards! Hooray! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

5th Day of BWC: 100 Custom Christmas Card Prints

This giveaway goes out to all the slackers out there, the procrastinators, the wait till the last minuters! Haha, let me rephrase that, to those of us who have yet had a free second to even think about Christmas Cards. Guilty! I still haven't put one together, however I just can't bring myself to not send one. So I opt for the better late than never. I just love Christmas Cards, especially receiving. I know we all see each others faces just about everyday on Instagram and Facebook, but there is still something so magical and nostalgic about getting a card in the mail, with a stamp, and  a lovely pieces of paper that you can hold in your hands and tape to the backside of the door. I look forward to it every year. 

I love Christmas cards so much, that I even wrote a song about it. This song is possibly one of the most inspired songs I have written in the last five years. Written from personal experiences. A song about forgiveness and reconciliation in the smallest simplest form of a Christmas card. Explaining meaning of songs is always weird, Maybe you want to just listen to it here. This is a real heart song. I get a tiny tear in the corners of my eyes when I sing it. 

Remember last years awesome Christmas Card Contest? There was an incredible level of participation and it made my heart literally sing with glee and gladness to see all of the creative and unique designs that so many people came up with. I wish we had more time, but we're kind of cutting it close to Christmas, pushing the envelope if you will. Pun Intended.

So this year we are simplifying with a one day giveaway. Whether you plan on getting your cards out in the final hour, or you want to send a New Years card, or heck, a Valentines Greeting, than this giveaway is for you! Or you can even use this giveaway for next year! 

Our cool Friends in Mesa, Arizona of ASHLEE'S PRINTING are kind enough to give away 100 custom printed Christmas Cards of your own design to one wonderful winner! Note: They do not do the design, just printing. So if you like designing your own cards, or have a friend or family member who does, then this is for you! The turn around is super fast, so you will have them quick! 


- POST: your favorite family picture, whatever your family looks like, newly weds, cute kids, you and a cat. NOTE: This doesn't have to be the picture you would use on the actual card! For an extra entry, you can even post your design. 

- TAG: Hashtag #5DayofBrookeWhiteChristmas and tag @realbrookewhite 

- COMMENT: Leave me a comment letting me know you entered, especially if your account is private.

Winner will be randomly selected and chosen by noon tomorrow!! 

Monday, December 16, 2013


Oh you guys, I am bursting at the seems of my sparkly pants over this giveaway. You remember these pants I posted a little while back? The "funky genie" pants as Dave calls them... well I am so excited to grant one winner a pair of the exact same insanely comfortable and over the top sparkly and amazing Wayf sequin track pants that I wear almost every day. They make me wanna dance, and I do.

Here is the catch, you are gonna have to dance for these pants! Time to do the #sparklypantsdancecontest


- DANCE: take a video of yourself or your kiddo, or you dancing with your kiddo, or with your cat, or your whole family dancing to todays song LAST CHRISTMAS from "Brooke White Christmas". You can listen to it on itunes or spotify.  Man I wish I wrote this song, isn't it the best Christmas song ever?

- POST: post the video on your Instagram, make sure to hashtag  #4dayofBrookeWhiteChristmas

- TAG: tag me @realbrookewhite and @wayfpr. If you have a private account it will be tricky for me to see it (maybe make your account public for the day -or- send me a message with the video)

- WINNER will be selected upon raddest/funnest/funniest/cutest/nerdiest dancing, and will receive a pair of their very own Wayf sequin track pants! Woohoo!

Thanks for your participation thus far everyone. Let's have some fun friends! Get your dance on! Merry Monday and Happy Christmas!

LASTLY, THE WINNER OF THE BARNOWL PRIMITIVES SIGN IS @Brandijos on Instagram. Yay for you Brandi! Send me an email with your address to

Sunday, December 15, 2013

3rd Day of BWC: Oh Come All Ye Faithful Free Download!

So sorry for the delay! Because it's the sabbath, and because of technical difficulties, today's giveaway  is running a little late! But since it's Sunday, and because today's giveaway coincides with "oh come all ye faithful", I wanted it to have a little more simplicity and meaning. While I love to decorate and shop for gifts, some of my most favorite moments are the quiet ones, filled with peace, without stuff, without the bustle and endless to-do's. I love the moments when the spirit calms my soul and I feel that intangible joy that is hard to explain with words. 

Last night, after getting home from our church christmas party and put London down for bed, I sat at the table near the glow of the christmas tree, the house was still and quiet, and that feeling came over me. For me, for many, this season is about the birth of Savior, the gift he gives a broken world of peace, of hope and of second chances. While listening to "Oh come all ye faithful" the words that stood out ro me were "joyful and triumphant".  That's what this season is about.

Everybody wins today. Click on the Photo below for a FREE DOWNLOAD of Oh Come All Ye Faithful! This song was one of my favorites to record from Brooke White Christmas, the simplicity of just the piano, and voices. My passion is creating harmonies, and this was a real joy to put together. I hope you enjoy it too!

Feel free to spread the love, with the cover pic and this link:

Saturday, December 14, 2013

2nd Day of BWC: Barn Owl Primitives and My Christmas Living Room

On the second day of Christmas, Brooke White gave to me (you).... A Barnowl Primitives sign!

I am excited to give you a little looksies into my Christmas living room. As a kid, the most magical day of the year is when we would put up our Christmas tree and my dad would get out the "christmas boxes" from the attic with all of our decorations. We would blast Carpenter's Christmas and Beach Boy's Christmas while we hung ornaments, strung lights, and went wild turning the house into a little piece of holiday heaven. Now that I am grown up with a little kid of my own, I'm still obsessed with these traditions, if not more so! Real trees are a must, as well as a collection of fake trees that I buy on super clearance after Christmas every year. I have five trees this year, Dave thinks it's a tad excessive, I say there's no such thing, can you have to many Christmas trees? Too much Christmas spirit? um, not possible.

Of course it takes me all of December to put it all together with boxes open and strewn about the house (not shown: we pushed them into the dining room aka "the disaster zone" for this picture). It never gets finished with the hustle and bustle of the crazy time of year. Nonetheless, I try, actually I love that it's never finished, I love chipping away at it, one little decoration at a time. 

One thing I love to do is find little pieces of art to hang on the walls during Christmas, however I'm pretty particular, it can be kind of hard to find something not super cheezeball, and the good stuff can be a little expensive for just a month or two. Most of the times I just make something out of a huge canvas or an old piece of plywood. But this year my awesome friend Kristi of Barn Owl Primitives surprised me with this amazing Christmas sign and I was so excited!!! As you can tell I have a thing for black and white, and with the little dash of red for Rudolph's nose, it was just the perfect fit for my space. Seriously, made for eachother.  

Kristi was kind enough to join in my giveaway and is going to give one of these happy signs away!

Here's what you do to Win:
1.  Repost the above picture on Instagram -OR- a picture of your Christmas living room or any room of your house that is your favorite festive space.

2.  Follow @barnowlprimitives and @realbrookewhite on Instagram

3.  You must tag #2DayofBrookeWhiteChristmas

4.  For an extra entry to win you can pin a picture from this post on pinterest. Leave me a comment with the link.

Winner will be drawn randomly and announced tomorrow! 
I wish it could stay Christmas in my living room all year long
the tree... short and sweet
it's a small world garland! Found these little ornaments from target, just sewed their mittens together! 
Dancing with my Loo in our Christmas living room to Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas! 
Nothing more Christmasy than a roaring fire on a 72 degree day! lol.
My new paintings on the wall finally! And that big 'ol pom pom hat, a DIY here

Oh and I almost forgot! The winner of the 2 tickets to my show is: @kezonfire Keziah send an email to for your tickets!! woohoo!

Friday, December 13, 2013


Hip hip hooray and ho ho ho! Let the countdown to Christmas begin! I am not one to do give-aways and contests, however this year I thought it would be kind of fun to give to my friends and fans some of my favorite things! These aren't elaborate over the top giveaways worth millions of dollars, but just the little trinkets and treasures and wonderful little things that make me happy that I genuinely use in everyday life. Being an indie gal since the beginning, I especially love supporting small and independent businesses, makers and artists and most of these cute festive objects are in collaboration with some wonderful little companies. Of course there will be some handmade items made by yours truly, I'll even be giving away a painting! 

Of course I wanted to incorporate music, because, music is my favorite!  Every winner will get a signed copy of Brooke White Christmas :)  If you already have one, it could make a nice stocking stuffer for your mother or your brother or your friend?! Every day and giveaway will coincide with the songs on Brooke White Christmas. We will be giving away one giveaway per day, and will announce the winner the following morning along with the next days giveaway! Also, you are free to enter every giveaway!

Follow along for the next 12 days to be a part of the fun and perhaps be the lucky winner of one of these lovely giveaways! Each day will contain the rules for the giveaway. 

So without further ado let the 12 days of Brooke White Christmas begin!

GIVEAWAY:  2 awesome tickets, to my upcoming Christmas Show at The Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. Of course a hug and meet and greet is included :) Obviously you will need to either live in Southern California, or take a plane, train or automobile to get here for the show! 

- This giveaway will be held on Instagram 
- Quite Simply repost the show flyer below
- Tag a friend on your post, as well as me, @realbrookewhite : )
- you could include a cheezeball caption like "christmas time is here, Brooke White show and cheer"
- must include the hashtag #1dayofBrookeWhiteChristmas and tag @RealBrookeWhite in your post! 
- Winner will be chosen randomly, and will be announced tomorrow morning here on the blog! 

Monday, April 15, 2013


So if ya didn't know, my dear pal Summer Bellessa and I started this quirky little webseries three years ago known as The Girls with Glasses Show!

In three years we have created nearly 100 videos, we live in two different states, Summer had two babies, I had my first, there have been records, movies, magazines and whole lot of crazy in between. Really it's miraculous that we continue to pull this thing off. But, we have had a blast developing the girls with glasses, and to celebrate the occasion we are doing a give-away of our favorite things! Woo hoo!

Head on over to our blog to enter to win!! Super good stuff!!

Here are a few of my favorite videos to get ya started if you've never been acquainted with our four-eyed fun.

It all began with a song...

the story...

trainwrecks and catfights

(ps- please don't never sit on train tracks and tie yourself up with a rope)

we love hats

Monday, December 3, 2012


AAHHH! You guys, so many awesome, creative, adorable, original and even weird submissions... and for a person who struggles a great deal with indecision, it was a real challenge narrowing it down to five. Indeed I was overcome with stress, therefore I called upon my much more decisive companion, Dave Ray CPA to help me do the heartless task of not choosing everyone. And the funny thing is, we still couldn't cut it down to five, so we chose ten, yes ten diverse and creative designs. 

Please know I want you all to win 100 free beautiful prints on amazing card stock of your Christmas Card from Indie Printing... but in life we don't always win... and it's, okay I guess. Unless you had fun, well then, you know... You totally won :)

Thank you to each and every one of you for participating and sending in your cute cards. Being creative is wonderful, I appreciate you for sharing your art with me, I enjoyed this.

Here's the scoop, Voting will go like this:
- simply leave a comment below with your vote for one of the following designs, designated by number
- you may only vote once, and for just one design. I know, I'm a hypocrite, I chose 10. 
- Feel free to spread the word to your friends, fams and followers to come and vote for ya! 
- KINDESS! Please keep all commentary respectful! These folks took a risk in sharing their creative ideas, if you don't dig someones design, or disagree with another commenter, keep those feelins to yourself or write them down on a post it. Please, Be nice, this is fun.
- I will tally up votes on Wednesday night at midnight and announce the winner Thursday morning in time to go to the printer! 











Oh and if perhaps you could help me with a tweet, or a pin, or instagram, or facebook, or blog about this...

or this :)

Thank you kindly. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So prompted by the song, I wanted to do a little something special here with you all in honor of the holiday, in honor of Christmas Cards, Creativity and kindness.

Here's the deal, Let's have ourselves a merry little contest...

you design your very own original card, of your fam, the kiddos, you and your boyfriend, your dog! This card is for you, something you would send to your family and friends! Submit your design, and we will all vote on a winner!

And what will the winner receive you ask?

The winner will receive 100 beautifully printed cards of their own original and one of a kind winning design from my printer of choice, Indie Printing ! I've gone to them for a variety of projects, and I'm sort of a particular kind of gal when it comes to printing and paper, this is not flimsy photo paper, this is prime card stock that truly makes my heart swoon! Graphic design geeks, typography enthusiasts, paper lovers, Christmas card junkies... this contest is for you!

Oh, and of course, the top 5 finalist will win a signed copy of White Christmas from yours truly.

So fire up photoshop, or whatever you got... have fun, get creative and show me your Christmas Cards! Submissions due by December 1st!

  • Design a Christmas card, it can be elaborate, it can be simple, with a photo, with out a photo but it must be original! Up to 3 submission each
  • Email hi-res JPG to (include Name & address for if you win)
  • Submissions due by December 1st 12pm PST
  • Post on INSTAGRAM #brookewhitechristmascard
  • or Post on FACEBOOK tag @BrookeWhite
  • Voting begins Dec 2nd
  • Winner announced on Dec 5th 
Winner will receive their designed cards prints from Indie Printing by December 10th! Just in time to drop in the mail!

Monday, July 2, 2012


 Yay! Sarahkingx you win!

Send us an email to

Hope you dig your new Sol Angeles t-shirt, Vinyl Copy of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours and a signed copy of "Undercover"! 
Woo to the Hoo!

Friday, June 22, 2012


A super soft t-shirt from SOL ANGELES, a cool new brand we're  collaborating with this summer, more details to come (, a vinyl copy of our favorite record, Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" and a signed copy of “Undercover”!
and our favorite:

Also, Take a listen to our live cover of "Dreams", get a free download of it when you buy the "Undercover" EP from our website
 Dreams - Live (Fleetwood Mac cover) by Jack and White 

THE SCOOP: To participate in this week's Giveaway, we would love for you to help us out by posting the cover of our new EP “Undercover” on your Instagram or Facebook. After posting the cover (see below) to your Instagram/Facebook, just leave a comment below letting us know where you posted the link (include your instragram name or name on facebook)! (and yes we actually check!:) A winner will be selected next Tuesday! (All participants names are submitted into a random app and the winner is randomly selected)

POST MESSAGES (or you can use your own, just include the link!)

Check out the new @thejackandwhite EP “Undercover” on iTunes! #undercover

Facebook: (like us, then tag us :) – to tag, like us, then type @jack and white and select us from the drop down menu!
Check out @Jack and White’s new EP “Undercover” on iTunes!

Let the games begin! One last giveaway next week too! Stay tuned...


You all are so awesome to participate so we decided to randomly select three winners for last weeks giveaway, and those winner(s) from last weeks Giveaway are...

Grand Prize (J&W necklace/Worktapes CD/Signed Undercover CD):

Elizabeth Rosalyn/ @ElizabethThe

Runners Up: (Worktapes CD/Signed Undercover CD)

1. Makinsey/ @Makinsey
2. Katrina

Thursday, June 14, 2012





And for the super fan, We’ll be giving away just ONE one-of-a-kind CD with 9 original worktape demos of the songs from Gemini & Winter PLUS demos of 2 unreleased songs that we originally wrote for Gemini! These worktapes have never been released and are unavailable anywhere else! The moment we finish writing a song, we record a very stripped down, bare bones version to get it down on "tape". A couple of them we only had half the song done, some of them have a couple flubs, some have a few different lyrics and some are more raw then others. We've even included two b-side tracks that have never been released. This is how it all begins boys and girls! Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Gemini (Worktape)
2. Double Trouble (Worktape)
3. Inside Outside (Worktape)                                    
4. Telephone Games (Worktape)
5. Smoke and Mirrors (Worktape)                           
6. Feathers (Worktape)
7. One More Time (B-side Worktape)    
8. Surrender (B-side Worktape)               
9. Night After Night (Worktape)
10. On The Bright Side of the Bad News (Worktape)
11. The Grown Up Song (XYZ) (Worktape)

To participate in this week's Giveaway, we would love for you to help us out by posting this video of our cover of ELO's "Telephone Line" (featuring our friend Fitz of "Fitz and the Tantrums"). After posting this youtube link (see below) to your Twitter/Facebook/Blog/Pinterest/Lockerz etc., just leave a comment below letting us know where you posted the link! (and yes we actually check!:) A winner will be selected next Tuesday! (All participants names are submitted into a random app and the winner is randomly selected)

Telephone Line... the link:

POST MESSAGES (or you can use your own, just include the link!)
Check out @theJACKANDWHITE 's video for their cover of ELO’s “Telephone Line”  feat. Fitz!

Facebook: (make sure like us and to tag us :)
Check out @Jack and White’s video for their cover of ELO’s “Telephone Line”  feat. Fitz!

Post or Pin the video along with a link

Let the games begin!

Friday, June 8, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, lads and lasses, dudes and dudettes, guys and dolls, hims and hers, he's and she's... 

Yes indeed, I had a baby, exactly two weeks ago already, and I don't even know how that's possible? Time is going so fast and I am making it a point to literally just stare at her with out blinking an eye, cause in the words of Aerosmith (or Diane Warren to be exact), I don't wanna miss a thing, and it is exhausting being this obsessed. Hence my reason for not yet posting here on the blog about the most massive, special, painful, emotional, incredible and all encompassing moment of my entire lifetime. However I am working on said post, and it will be up Monday. I can't wait to tell you all about her, if you follow me on instagram or twitter, you've already been inundated with about a hundred bajillion pictures of her undeniable cuteness, and I'm sorry, I promise I try to practice self-restraint, I try not to overdo it, but you guys, I can't stand it, she just slays me daily. 

Until then I wanted to let y'all know that the JACK AND WHITE UNDERCOVER EP was released last week and is in the words of Little Caesars (Pizza), HOT AND READY!!

Have ya heard it yet? If you haven't I would certainly love for you to head on over to itunes and take a listen, click here to listen to full versions of the songs and perhaps feel motivated by musics magical powers to download it and enjoy it as the soundtrack to your summer! We had a good ol' time making this record, as we carefully selected the perfect covers from each decade, which resulted in six slammin' renditions of finely crafted tuneage.

So for the next four weeks we are doing a couple of fun and awesome Give-aways to help spread the good word of Jack and White. 

This week we are giving away a super duper pair of our personal choice of shades, CASSETTE sunglasses, along with a signed copy of the new EP of course! 

Take a look at these, how cool would you look in these? Cool to Very cool.

So what must you do to be eligible to win? Do at least one of the following:

1.)  Post one of the followng messages/links to your twitter/facebook (or your own message, just include the link)


Facebook: (make sure like us and to tag us :)

Post or Pin the record cover along with a link

2.) Leave a comment below with your name, tell us what and where you posted! And for bonus points, let us know what your favorite track is off the EP :)

3.) Contest closes Monday night! WINNER announced Tuesday

4.) Ready.... GO!!!

PS- CD/Hardcopies are also available on our website JACKANDWHITE.COM for the old schoolers out there. As well, if you purchase the cd from our website you get a free download of our live performance of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams". Just sayin' :)