Monday, December 7, 2009


Last night I found myself tossing and turning... again. Being an insomniac since the fifth grade, falling asleep has never been easy for me... most likely because I can't seem to slow down the good ol' noggin. Whether it's obsessing over the little things, like wondering if I left wet clothes in the washing machine, or stressing about the weightier matters like trying make important decisions about my future... the second my head hits the pillow, it goes into overdrive and just can't seem to quit. However last night, I decided that instead of lying awake and uselessly worrying myself to sleep, that I would grab my trusty iphone from the charger off the nightstand, and made a list of the things I am grateful for... i have an app for that:)

Now of course there are the biggies: Family, Friends, Faith, Health & Home that make the very top of the list when it comes to that which I am truly thankful for... however, I wanted to break it down a bit, and include even the smallest of things that make life awesome. It seems like i've heard the quote "it's all in the details", actually, I'm not entirely positive, but I think it was Oprah:) Regardless of who said it, I happen to agree with that statement. Generally day to day life is not necessarily glamourous or overly exciting, but I've come to realize that it's often times not about the far and few in between monumental somethings (though I grateful for those too) but it's about the lovely little simple details that collectively seem to make living worthwhile. I was going to stop at ten, but I had more... here I go:)

Cupcakes...(especially from Big Sugar)
Dinners with Dave
New Music Tuesdays
Craft stores
friendly people
Phone calls from Mom & Dad
Burbank Airport
High Hopes & Heartbreak
the color yellow
the oldies station
Golden Grams
the piano & guitar
ugg boots
Bicycle Rides
in n' out burger
Christmas trees
suitcases on wheels
happy movies
little kids
loud music

You can make your own list too... it's fun:)

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