Monday, August 16, 2010


Well... I definitely fell of the Blog bandwagon and I miss it. I have had so many instances where I've thought to myself... "I NEED to blog about this!" and yet the days pass, and I have missed out on those golden moments of inspiration, and that my friends, bums me out. Not the end of the world however...

Life as I know it and see it is changing by the minute, the people around me are going through exciting transitions, challenging opportunities and even some unthinkably tragic losses, and it has brought some humbling perspective to me. My own set of circumstances are also evolving in unexpected ways. I have many thoughts about it all...

I have spent a lot of time in airports and on airplanes lately... and I complain about it, and I need to stop... complaining that is. My life is good... way gooder then I realize most of the time. Yes, I know, "gooder" is not a word... but it works. I need forgiveness for taking it for granted. Amongst the inconveniences, "golden" problems and other real or perceived challenges, I am thankful for every day that passes that I get to exist on the planet with a variety of interesting people that I agonize for, like and love so deeply, with the power of music that generally causes my soul to feel as if it most definitely might explode with indescribable emotion, for bowls of cereal, bread and other wonderfully comforting carbs such as mashed potatoes and of course yummy sweets, a toothbrush and a lil' glob of minty fresh toothpaste to brush my morning breath away, and quiet time in my spiritual chair to pray, ponder and connect my spirit with the source of all creation... oh and design shows on HGTV.


  1. Sounds like great material for a song or twelve. I've often wondered how the constant travel and pressures of a blossoming career have affected you but you still sound like the same Brooke I first heard in 2006 and then fell in love with (platonically of course) on AmIdol. You're an amazing woman with a angelic gift and a blessed life. Not a day goes by that I don't listen to your music and feel instantly 'gooder'. Thank you for sharing that gooderness with us fans, whether by blog for by music, those little aspects of life that make it worth living. Thank you for just being you :-)

  2. I think we could all learn a lesson or two from your post. Everyone has their challenges, but above all, it's just so important to be grateful for what we've been given.

    And HGTV ... best channel ever ;-)

  3. I imagine the benefit for Natalie must have had an impact on your gratitude for every day of life and all the blessings you have. Unfortunately, we all forget to be grateful now and then because we get bogged down in busyness and stress. Thanks for a blog post that serves as a gentle reminder to focus on the blessings.

  4. Great post! This is something everyone should learn by. Be thankful for every instance that comes our way. ( : Never take anything for granted.

    I also love HGTV design shows. yay! \o/


  5. Sometimes people do need to stop and think of life and how short it really is. Our time here is nothing compared to time itself. Live happy each day and as the song goes, I did it "My Way". Thanks Brooke!

  6. Well said, friend. I've had my share of lumps in the past year, but I also realize how good life can be, how precious it is, and then people like you pop up every now and then, remind me of that and manage to put a smile on my face.

    Would you believe I'm running a half-marathon in 10 weeks and although I'm a very accomplished cyclist I haven't run an event in 15 years? Good grief! (Part of a spiritual journey I'm now on to discover the awesome power inside one's self).

    So you keep playing, keep writing, I'll keep cycling (and running!) and one of these days we'll catch up in person. That's a promise. :)

    And by the way, HGTV, it's Renovation Realities. Awesome show and feel their pain...been there one too many times. ;)

  7. "perceived challenges"...i love that. sometimes, just stepping out of ourselves helps put our own life experiences into better perspective.


  8. Love your blog, Brooke! You make me smile. I think we all complain sometimes. Good to stop & remember the small, but gooder things. :) Oh, and I love HGTV, too. One of the best channels!

  9. Dearest are so young yet see life so clearly. Thanks for the blog. You are a wslking inspiration and you will never know the number of lives you've touched. Take care and keep shinning.

  10. we should get Emily (new HGTV design star winner) to "style" something of office? what'll it be?