Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I know. Lame Sauce. What's the deal.... I disappeared off the face of Brookie Babble, and left ya hanging on day nineteen of the 30 day song challenge, and i'm sorry, but I have my reasons and well.... i've just been... busy. Yeah, Busy with my real life. Trying to exist in it, be present in it, which has forced me to re-prioritize for a bit, say yes to some things and no to others as opposed to yes to all things, which has been my crazy mode of operation for about twenty seven-ish years. Basically I've been gone since 2008, and that was fun, mostly, but I made the decision to stick closer to home for a bit. To not go elsewhere, to just be, here, with Dave, and that has been good. It has allowed me to develop some habits, consistent ones for a change, at least for now.

See the plan was, after the holidays I was going to go to another place in another state for a while and make a certain record, and I intended on doing that, but it just didn't feel right, at least right now, well the going away part that is. So I decided that there are many musically talented folks in the state of California, and therefore here I be, making lots of music in California, and then returning to my own bed at the end of the day. I write and write and write and sing and sing and sing. It is a really wonderful thing, writing and singing songs, but it also drains the brain, by the end of the day it leaves me a bit blank and not super bloggy. And ya know I just don't love doing anything half-arsed. All or nothin' baby. So Anywho, I intend on writing a blog post unto itself all about that next record and the songwriting process and the soul searching and the whole massive undertaking of creating something from nothing making an album process. I'm deep down in that process, in my head, churning often about it and what I want it to sound like... or more importantly, feel like...
(writing a song yesterday with Jack called "surrender")
As well, I've quit running, (not that I ever really started) and I've taken up Yoga and Yoga has been changing my life. Really. I'm so not sporty and athletical. But I think I finally found my sport! (yes I am calling it a sport) Yoga seems to make perfect sense to my more naturally limber frame and free spirit, oh and there is no fear of getting clobbered in the head with a ball, woo! Making time to take care of my body and spirit has been a challenge cause it means using any small bits of free time more wisely, meaning less time on the internet, less time in front of the TV, less time on the phone and yadda yadda. Oh and Yoga isn't cheap, so I canceled the gym membership I never use and cut out a few other luxuries and committed to this practice and to Lululemon :). The benefits are way outweighing the sacrifices, not to mention recharging my creative batteries after long days of writing. I'm challenging myself and feeling the progress... getting stronger, happier, more peaceful, more flexible, more focused, more balanced and a clearer spiritual connection. All I can say is that I feel good... inside out.

In addition to the Yoga practice I also joined a Healthy Habits challenge which last nearly 60 days. This isn't a diet or an attempt to lose weight, but more of an over-all overhaul of my daily habits, particularly eating habits. Cutting out the refined sugar and carb-o-licious junk food which I love dearly, like cupcakes and chips, mmm i love my chips... and instead opting for generous portions of fruits and vegetables and protein. Oh and lots of H2o and several trips to the bathroom. No it is not a vegetarian diet, but just a healthier more aware one. I gotta tell you, it's HARD and takes A LOT of effort. I never knew that I was a sugar-addict, and it's in everything, even in my beloved raisin bran crunch. Yes I feel a bit deprived, but we do get a day off a week, and I live for those days. In addition to the nutrition, is the 30 minutes daily exercise, 15 minutes of uplifting/spiritual reading, daily journal writing, accomplishing one personal goal daily, and taking the time to compliment another person or help another person daily. It is a big to-do creating healthy habits, but I am really noticing a difference. Again, I just feel good. Yay!

Gosh, I could keep going. I am back in Girls with Glasses mode too... yes we are still getting our glasses on and the future is looking bright. Fingers crossed, we'll keep you posted. Oh and Summer, my fellow gal with glasses had the cutest lil' baby boy a few weeks ago, woo hoo!! But we are getting back to the business of making cute quirky videos which will be available for the world to see soon!

Are those sufficient excuses? I know, everyone is busy, and I do miss blogging and miss y'all!! My realistic hope is to post twice a week, and finish up that song challenge, I need to think of an angry song for day 20... oh and I'd also like to act some more... and go to Paris... Oh and to have like 4 kids

ps- oh and yeah I did a lil' blog make-over, what do ya think? Listening to any good stuff lately? Tell me about it!


  1. LOVE the makeover! So fun!

    Oh music...I recently found The Asteroids Galaxy Tour via a commercial. They're kinda funky and fun. I've also been listening to Florence and the Machine a lot lately. And of course there's always my favorite Utah band, Fictionist. I don't think I'll ever get sick of them.

    Can't wait to hear your new stuff!

  2. Good to hear from you again. Looking forward to hearing the new music, too. I like the bokeh-licious photo, but you really should move the masthead up so it doesn't cover up beautiful you!
    Been liking Kat Edmonson and Emily Elbert lately. Of course Edie Brickell's new albums are great, too! Heading to NYC to see her next week!

  3. I love the new look on here!

    More importantly, I love that you're feeling good. :)

  4. It's funny I kind of started the same kind of healthy habits last week.
    So glad you're back! Can't wait to listen to your new record :)

  5. Good for you for focusing on home and family and taking care of yourself. You're too young to get burned out on travel. And I may have to start using the word "athletical" from to time time in conversation. I like it!

  6. Love the blog and hearing all you have to say!!!
    I'm really into the healthy habits too...a lot of water and bathroom activity..LOL. Also, working on making myself walk, walk, walk..it's so hard...looking forward to your new record...can't wait to read more of your blog.

  7. Way to go Brooke! I'm glad you're making positive changes in your life. Yoga is SO rewarding, mentally and physically...I really need to get back into it. I'm pretty sure my downward facing dog is disgraceful now.

    P.S. your dad told me about GWG and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    P.S.S. excited for your upcoming visit :)

  8. Brooke, check out Amy MacDonald, a singer-songwriter from Scotland. She has a neat sound. Also, congratulations on your healthy habits and wellness challenge. Yoga is a wonderful outlet and is very centering. Be careful not to fall too deep in food fanaticism. You are so very down to earth - don't lose that quality or let "Hollywood" make you feel like you have to deprive yourself to have success or to fit in. Balance is key. Healthy eating is essential - but it's important to remember that enjoying sweets and treats is also healthy eating because enjoying our food and taking pleasure in the gift of its taste and comfort offers a balanced approach to allowing our bodies to savor the nutrition of our foods while we also find mental and emotional pleasure and satisfaction from our foods. I follow a bit of an 80/20 method - where 80% of the food choices that I make are based on a food's nutritional value and 20% of the choices that I make are based on whether or not I am just plain out craving a certain food - regardless of the reason behind that craving (nutrition or just taste or emotional comfort or whatever). You are a beautiful person and deserve to enjoy your life - balanced on all levels. Balancing work with family, priorities and dreams, sleep and activity, exercise and rest, responsibilities and playtime, fun and fitness, nutrition and comfort, etc is just as challenging as the balance that is required of Tree Pose. Take from Yoga, all of the balance that it gives. Continue to pray for help in finding that balance. Trust in God to help you achieve your goals without compromising your "real life". He has brought you this far - and you will soar even higher. You have such sincere and true talent. Never doubt that. No matter where you record your next album, no matter who you work with on production, as long as you stay true to who you are, your music is going to continue to be amazing. As you grow and find that balance that you are seeking, your music will only become stronger and more of a gift to you as well as all of us - your fans! Take care of YOU first, in all that you do! Life is fleeting and is meant to be a joy. Make the most of your moments and don't be overly hard on yourself. I am about ten years older than you, and I can tell you from MANY years of experience, the best "Healthy Habits" challenge on which you can embark is the one that helps you to take the pressure off of yourself as much as you can. Find that balance. You will do it. Keep up the wonderful work! I am excited to hear your new material and look forward to your music. You're a very special musician and have enormous talent on so many levels! Be proud of yourself! You deserve that pride! (:

  9. Hey Brooke -- Love your blog and your "renewed" outlook on life. Here's a blog of mine that you may enjoy. www.LivingTheQuest.com -- Thanks for all you do and for so graciously sharing your gift of music with us all. : )

  10. Good to hear from ya!

    I've been loving Pomplamoose lately! (An internet label-less alternative band, check out their song 'If you think you need some lovin' on youtube!) Also pre ordered a Jewel live concert from her website... I couldn't help it.

    I have also been searching far and wide for sad songs lately (recent death in the family)...sometimes you just gotta let it all out, ya know. Seems like most songs kinda beat around the bush in that area. Was 'smile' written for the death of a loved one? That's how I've been relating to it, anyway

  11. always love your blog. and i'm glad you're a real person with a real life because i feel like i'm constantly making excuses myself.
    can't wait to hear more from you and your fresh little blog.

  12. Glad you are staying home with Dave and working on another album for us! Like the blog makeover -- but sad the title covers your happy smile.

    BTW, Brooke, what happened to your Twitter account???

  13. thanks to all for your wonderful comments! It is great to reconnect with you again here on the blog. I appreciate you taking the time to read and share your thoughts with me!

    and Lisa J, no worries, I am still on twitter except now it's simply @brookewhite or twitter.com/brookewhite! Took two years to get, finally!!

    Take care, sweet dreams:)

  14. I love this post. It's honest, and I love that you really listen to your heart, it's inspiring!

    Lately I've been listening to lots of Amos Lee, Adele, Johnny Flynn, James Vincent McMorrow, The Civil Wars, Ray Lamontagne, Gregory Alan Isakov, and I always find myself going back to Fleetwood Mac. Never fails. ^I also agree with whoever said Pomplamoose, too!

  15. Thanks for blogging. Always enjoy what you have to say/write. Excited for Summer, and happy to hear the two of you will be creating more stuff (when you can... home and family IS first). Check out Skyler Stonestreet -- quirky fun to listen to (and vote for her for the RS cover).

    And enjoy/re-charge this weekend with General Conference.

  16. Hi Brooke, I missed you, so glad to have you back blogging. Good for you--family always is most important and top priority, I agree, absolutely. Eating healthy is the best--I have a sweet tooth, also, but try to keep it in moderation, and eat lots of veggies and fruits. I buy and eat Organic, shop local whenever possible, and have been a label reader for a zillion years-no chemicals or preservatives, all natural is my motto.
    The new blog photo is cool, sand and sea, my faves. I agree, move the masthead up so we can see your Beautiful Smile!
    Currently,I am enjoying Keith Urban's "Without You" and Kelly Clarkson/Jason Aldean's "Don't You Wanna Stay?" Jackopierce has a new album coming out soon.
    I can't wait to hear your new music. I know it will be fantastic! You are an uber talented singer/songwriter/musician, with such honesty, authenticity, heart and soul. You are and always will be my FAVORITE!
    Love ya, Brooke.

  17. Hi Brooke! It's very good to hear from you again. I hope that your break was rejuvenating and filled you with lots of creative inspiration to use in your work. It's cool that you've embraced the zen lifestyle of yoga. Yoga culture is pretty big here in Vancouver. Everywhere you go, someone is wearing or carrying something from Lululemon, haha. Cheers to healthy living!

    I really love the new layout! It's very refreshing. I'm happy that you also finally grabbed @brookewhite on Twitter!

  18. Thank you for clarifying the Twitter account situation. I love reading your little updates!

  19. Hi Brooke, always look forward to and enjoy reading your blogs. I think family is the most important part of a person’s life. Sometimes we have to give up some opportunities but life is tradeoffs and choosing the right path. You have the whole package including a good head and feet on the ground. I am sure you will choose wisely. There is some new music I like but I am still discovering some great music from the past. Like finding gold! You still have a beautiful face even with “OK” on it. :)

  20. Great post, Brooke! I feel that your recent decisions and new life direction will be reflected in your new music.
    I've been digging the Avett Brothers lately, and the new Johnny Cash CD, which has old early radio broadcasts from before he hit the big time. Hilarious to hear him read ad copy between songs for the hardware store sponsor!
    Looking forward to seeing you tour! (Come 2 KC!)

  21. Like everyone: I am glad you are blogging again, we want to see your smile, looking forward to watching Girls with Glasses and listening to your new tunes. Funny, I just pulled out an old yoga DVD to begin tomorrow myself and tonight I read your blog. You wouldn't believe how alike we seem to be. Keep praying and may God bless you with those four kids when the time is right! Love you!