Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A few random things that I find both funny and awesome:


Yesterday... the sun is still shining, and it's 6:30... seriously, how much do I love these longer days?! Anywho, I'm in the kitchen, making dinner (a rarity) actually it was Monday, therefore I was making breakfast for dinner (is that cheating? When will I ever learn how to actually make Dinner for dinner?) when suddenly, a loud and thunderous voice with awesome forced vibrato comes charging through the door, serenading me with this lil' gem of a... uhhh... tune, with these exact words: 

"BROOOOOKE, why do you love me so MMUUUUCCCHHH?

Is it because I am Handsome, Funny and SMARRRRT???

OR is it because of my all out Sex APPEEEAAAAALLLL?!?!?!

Dave, yes, I love you because of all these things, but you forgot one thing...  I mostly love you for your straight up serious SONGWRITING SKILLZ! Sometimes them CPA's are hilarious I tell ya, and have many wonderful hidden talents.


Okay, so you know (or maybe you didn't, don't want to be presumptuous) Jack and I have this song on our last Winter EP called Night after Night. Well this fellow connected with us and offered to remix our song into a Fancy Dancy Remix ready to be "up in the club" as they say (don't they say that?). And folks that is exactly what he did... I've never heard any of my songs remixed, so at first listen I kinda just laughed out loud, especially everytime I hear the part "YEAH"... oh man, I die. But then it really started to grow on me and before I knew it I had my glow sticks out and I was gettin' my dance on in the living room... totally by myself. Okay not really, but kind of, just minus the glow sticks, but myself... YEAH! Anywho, some people are really diggin' it and the young folks seem to think we're hippish and maybe a bit cool, however some others in a more mature age group of our demographic seem to think "it's kinda loud and has a lot of sounds in it... I think it was much better the way it was before" HaHa!

Anywho, it's fun and we appreciate our buddy, AKA the Electric Valentine for making this HOT Remix. Take a listen for yourself... could be good for the treadmill...

Oh and PS... lil' disclaimer, while we are very appreciative of this mix, it has been titled  the "kids on drugs remix" Please note, We don't really advocate "kids on drugs", unless of course mom gives them some tylenol for when they have a fever. 

Meet my friend Gabrielle Hansen, but really we all call her Gay... and I call her GayGay, along with this lil character, Mr. Dallen B, one of her four super hilarious and attractive children. Well GayGay (Gay I hope you don't mind that I call you that) has been bloggin' over the years here and there about the kids and her sports nut of a husband (and BYU bosom buddies with Dave Ray CPA), but in the last few months she has turned into a BLOGGIN' MACHINE! This gal has a gift for telling stories, for bravely and eloquently saying out loud all those thoughts we are all thinking, she tells it like it is, she is insightful and yet doesn't take herself too seriously... all in all, GayGay is a real kind of girl, the kind of gal that when you are reading her words you think "I just like her"... read it, you'll know what I mean. 

I love supporting my friends, I am especially happy to tell you about "A Girl Named Gay" not just because she is my friend, but because I am a big believer in creative expression! You Go Gay! By the way, she is doing pretty much the greatest give away for HER birthday on her blog right now. Have you ever heard of LULU LEMON?!?  I have a testimony of Lulu Lemon, Pretty much the greatest work out clothes of all time... I'm telling you, these pants make your behinder look so good you could skip the gym and just head straight to Target, and everyone in the check out line would be helpless to notice that perfectly round lil' keister, and they will wonder how you manage such a magnificent rear-end with that package of Oreos, bag of cheetos and gallon of rocky road that you've got kickin' in your cart, so naturally they assume that you must've just finished nearly killin' yourself in spin class to achieve that fine behind (yeah right)... welp forget the agony and pain, oh and sweat of spin class, all you need is the pants, they are truly magical... and expensive. And Gay is gonna get you the pants, with a $100 gift card! So quick, go read this post and then, all the others, cause she's just that good, that Gay Gay is.


  1. Love the remix!! (: Off to check out your friends blog now! Thanks for sharing. :]

  2. You know you've made it when one of your songs has been remixed!

    Lululemon is the uniform for Vancouverites. You cannot walk around downtown without seeing at least five people wearing one of their yoga pants or hoodies.

    Breakfast food is the best meal. If I could, I'd have it for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner!

    Thanks for the link to Gay's blog! I'm smiling. :)

  3. remix.... YES! Yeah, girl, yeah! I've never grooved as much as I'm groovin right now. You're hilarious and I want to hang out with you, your funny CPA, and me and Rob. When can we make this happen??

  4. To me remixing is taking a music piece and electronically distorting it. I am not sure where the value is added. I would rather listen to the original music and get into a mood by the drum beat and the actual music that the creators intended. Just saying. :)

  5. brooke - i love your blog so much! can you please post more often. my friends and i agree that you were the best idol has ever had. come to vegas to do a show and don't forget to blog about it so we don't miss it like we missed the last one :( thanks.

  6. Love the remix! Checking out Gay's blog. You're the best :-)

  7. Loving the remix. I am going to need some of the Lululemon for sure.

  8. actually totally loving the remix! love the original more but the remix is awesome. this person should do a remix of all the J&W songs, that'd be amazing! perfect for the gym :)

    will check out Gay's blog, thanks for the rec!

    hope your pregnancy is going well :)

    ps- what's a Sacramento girl have to to do to get a date with Jack, anyway?! ;) kidding...

  9. Great remix, ahh lovely interesting post-plus very cute! Hope you visit back :-) Izzy xo