Saturday, June 22, 2013


Feelin' in a great mood today, it's the first day of Summer, and there is magic in the air.
I think I've decided that Summer is the season of all seasons...
and while I live in California where it seems to be the land of the endless Summer, there is still something extra special about this time of year...

I love how the my bedroom fills up with light early in the morning, and doesn't fade till after nine pm. 
I live for these long days... as long as the sun is shining I feel like I can conquer the world!
I can't get enough of seedless watermelon with a little sprinkle of salt.

I love when Dave fires up the BBQ and grills burgers with pineapple after work... and I think it's deliciously awesome that we eat corn on the cob with nearly every meal.

I love Sunday drives down the PCH to the beach after church.
I get a rush rolling down the 101 with the windows down while blasting Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys and amber by 311, or anything from Pete Yorn's music for the morning after with the warm wind blowing my hair into a big gnarly knot.

I feel free with no coats and liberated in a dab of lip-gloss and no make-up.
I look forward to quick trips to the carwash, my favorite place to sit out in the sunshine and eat a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar while oldies blare over the intercom, songs like smokie's tears of a clown

I long for the smell of sun screen and Banana Boat suntan oil.
I love evening bike rides through the hood, seeing kids playing outside and people walking their dogs

I'm talkin' Flip flops, family vacations to San Diego, saturday home improvement projects, fireworks and the Fourth of July!

And this year, a lot of time spent with our Londy Loo, watching her grow, taking her on early morning walks, pushing her on the swings and watching her chunky roley poley legs walkin' and waddlin' in a soggy diaper and swim suit of red white and blue with her sweet little belly hanging out... splishin' and a'splashin at the Splash Pad amongst happy kids.

Life is good in the Summer time.


  1. Beautiful photos! I think I could live perpetually in the summer, but I fear I wouldn't appreciate it as much. Savor every moment. :)

  2. sounds wonderful.
    those pictures of london... oh my, she is just too cute for words in her little bikini.

  3. She's getting so big! And your post made me love summer even more. Sending happy thoughts and hugs your way, sweet lady!

  4. London in that swim suit is just about the cutest thing!

  5. I was born and raised on the East Coast of CT where we get the four seasons. I enjoy all of the seasons as long as Mother Nature doesn't have a Hissy Fit and create extreme conditions. But I do agree with you that summer is very nice with the warm weather and extented light hours. Nice write up and pictures.

  6. I love that you are a summer girl! I love that you love watermelon! I also love that Stu doesn't like watermelon so I can very nicely offer to share knowing I won't have to. just one more thing to love about him, hehe. I think David really ought to teach his dad to BBQ, cause nothing says summer like a good ole bbq. We have a good bbq, but sadly don't know how to use it :( so have to be content with heading to Tucanos with Mike & Tiff & their families for the taste of summer.
    But ooooo shortcake YUMMMMM! It's now on the menu tomorrow & I'll tell Stu he has you to thank.
    On one of your scenic beach drives you should play Fleetwood Mac's rumors album and see if that takes David back to summer drives to Maine in an overcrowded suburban where you didn't want dad to have to stop the car. Happy summer days. ciao xxx

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