Thursday, December 16, 2010


A number of people (less than 100 more than 1) have asked me "Brooke, are you ever going to do a Christmas Album?" And the answer is, Why Yes... I did. Well it's not quite an album, but it is a three song iTunes Exclusive Holiday EP that I recorded last Christmas season. And on that lil' baby EP you will find the fully produced original song I wrote entitled "California Christmas", an acoustic broken down version of "Blue Christmas", and an almost lullaby, "Away in a Manger" with raw vocals accompanied by a vintage melotron . So I suppose this was not common knowledge, perhaps you already knew, but if ya didn't, now you do! I dunno, maybe you just might like it a little bit... you never know until you listen:)

Here's a preview for ya... I shot this very ultra fancy video from my living room last year, dishwasher effects and all:

Oh and don't forget that you can still get our Girls with Glasses song "YOU ARE LOVED" for free in exchange for a tweet or facebook post, just follow the link below and it's all yoursies!

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  1. It's a lovely song Brooke, it warms my heart, especially since i'm in the middle of my final exams.
    Have a happy Christmas (: