Monday, November 28, 2011


HAVE A NEW CHRISTMAS RECORD!! You might remember a while back when I blogged about this amazing super group of musicians and listed their first album as one of my top five records of the year...

I was so obsessed with the record that I couldn't stop tweeting my brains out about them... well they noticed, and instead of thinking I was just a giant wierdo fan (and i am) they extended a warm invitation to me to come join in the jubilee of creating their Christmas record... and therefore I accepted with a spastic and enthusiastic YES tweet followed by an excessive use of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!

So, I jumped on a plane for a quick 48 hour stop in Provo, UT to be a lil' fly on the wall and what a serious treat that was! Intensely musical dudes in thick rimed glasses and ladies with delicate voices of angels that harmonize like nobodies business, gather round pianos, guitars, drums, bells, glockenspiels, fiddles and microphones and outpours the sound of heaven!

The even said I could jump in on a few tunes and sing a bit on the mic with my foghorn-ish voice, nice of 'em. Oh and not only were they recording the Christmas album, but also a second hymn revival record set to release in the coming year, also got to take part in that... particularly on this one favorite tune of mine that we would sing in primary as kids, it was me and three dudes singing in harmony with a couple of guitars in a stairwell during a thunderstorm... MAGICAL! We'll see if the song makes the cut, hope so, cause it may be on the top of my list of fave recordings i've gotten to be in on... just sayin'

Anywho, you should really jump on this lovely holiday record OH COME LET US ADORE HIM by the Lower Lights... you won't regret it. They're just really really good... oh and here is a lil' behind the scenes vid to give ya a vibe...


  1. WOW!! Love this! Thank you for sharing--I'm off to buy the album NOW! What a fun thing for you to be a part of!!! (you can never have too many exclamation points!!!!!!!) :)

  2. My favorite Christmas album this year, and maybe forever??!!

  3. I love this, Brooke! I am loving folksy sounding music these days (much to the chagrin of my weather-channel-music-loving father) and I love how these are actually CHRISTMAS songs and not just winter-mas songs.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  4. THANK YOU for introducing me to them! I am listening to their music on their blog (I can hear your voice right now mixing in btw) Good stuff!

  5. I was just listening to I SAW THREE SHIPS and thought--that sounds like Brooke! So then I looked it up and I was right! Now I have to figure out which ones you are one! Our daughters are similar in age so it's fun to watch you post on insta what I similarly post of my daughter. -KristyGlasss is my handle THANKs for your light.