Monday, November 19, 2012


It's the only time of year that I rush to the mailbox, in great anticipation of glorious holiday greetings, perhaps one of my favorite parts of the season...

The Christmas Card.

I know we are all seeing a lot more of each other these days with a never ending feed of instagram and facebook updates of our iphone self portraits, babies, cats, breakfasts and family vacations... but there is still something so old fashioned, personal and so very wonderful about getting envelopes in different sizes and colors,  with hand written addresses from different places, from people near and far... ripping open that envelope and holding the card in your hand, and taping it to the back of your front door, till it becomes a massive explosion of Costco holiday photo cards. There is of course the rare few actual cards, that open and shut, that usually don't hang on for long to the back of said door. And of course I especially enjoy the snowflake boarder stationary, with the full page typed, over the top yearly report Christmas letters touting one by one all the wondrous achievements, promotions, trips and eagle scout awards! Bless 'em.

But then there is sending out those cards... it is a labor of love a Christmas card is, anxiety inducing even. Getting a decent family photo where everyone is looking at the camera, with normal human smiles and eyes open... eyes of glee and holiday cheer, and not eyes full of "we're gonna rip eachothers heads off" rage... there is the bribery of little children and husbands rolling their eyes when the photographer says "ok, just one more!". And then there is addresses, it always seems like half the people in the address book move every year, thankfully we can just get on facebook and send a mass message "hey could you text me your address so I can mail you a card?". And then there's postage?! And just one more trip to the post office for another blasted book of stamps! Before you know it you've dropped a couple Benjamins' on the dang Christmas card project.

But... It's worth it! I swear it's worth it, every year!

Then there is that moment, where you sit down with your address book, and as you go through the alphabet you might come across that name, or two... 

It's been a while, you've lost touch, should you send them a card? Are they going to send you a card? Maybe they will maybe they wont. Perhaps there was a falling out, over something silly... or something serious. But you look at that name, and you struggle, and you wonder, maybe this is your chance, an opportunity... an olive branch in the form of a Christmas card. It may not heal the world, undo what was done, but it may bring a smile, start the mend of a little broken heart.

I wrote a song about this... and I have to say, it felt inspired. All the above sarcasm and snark aside, this song is pure, from the heart, in my soul. And that's what the Christmas Card was always supposed to be about. 

Here's a little video of me playing it in my living room, thanks to Jack and Brad for making it :-)


  1. Brooke you are truly amazing and such and inspiring little lady!!! <3 <3 xoxo

  2. Brooke, are you going to release a hold-in-your-hands CD of White Christmas??