Sunday, December 15, 2013

3rd Day of BWC: Oh Come All Ye Faithful Free Download!

So sorry for the delay! Because it's the sabbath, and because of technical difficulties, today's giveaway  is running a little late! But since it's Sunday, and because today's giveaway coincides with "oh come all ye faithful", I wanted it to have a little more simplicity and meaning. While I love to decorate and shop for gifts, some of my most favorite moments are the quiet ones, filled with peace, without stuff, without the bustle and endless to-do's. I love the moments when the spirit calms my soul and I feel that intangible joy that is hard to explain with words. 

Last night, after getting home from our church christmas party and put London down for bed, I sat at the table near the glow of the christmas tree, the house was still and quiet, and that feeling came over me. For me, for many, this season is about the birth of Savior, the gift he gives a broken world of peace, of hope and of second chances. While listening to "Oh come all ye faithful" the words that stood out ro me were "joyful and triumphant".  That's what this season is about.

Everybody wins today. Click on the Photo below for a FREE DOWNLOAD of Oh Come All Ye Faithful! This song was one of my favorites to record from Brooke White Christmas, the simplicity of just the piano, and voices. My passion is creating harmonies, and this was a real joy to put together. I hope you enjoy it too!

Feel free to spread the love, with the cover pic and this link:

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  1. Oh wow Brooke... everything you have said is so beautiful. This time of year can be so stressful with all of the decorating and gift purchasing but... what really matters is keeping our focus on Him! It's so true that the most peaceful precious moments are those when we just sit quietly and reflect on the birth of Jesus and how he came into this world to save us from our sins.

    I can remember sitting in the living room with my grandma and mama with nothing but the glow of the christmas tree lights illuminating the room. They would show me how to squint my eyes in order to make the tree lights look like they were glistening. The most wonderful part though, was listening to them tell about the birth of Jesus and how much he loves us.

    Thank you Brooke so much for putting together this giveaway and for the free download. It really shows that your focus is on spreading the love of God and not the love of stuff!!