Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Not only did my momma have a birthday, so did my rad dad Brad just two days later! Having flown home for my mom's special day, my parents decided that they would drive me back to California and spend the weekend with us, and also catch my JACK AND WHITE show at the Hotel Cafe which also happened to be the same day as my dads big fat birthday! As well, my sweet sister Katie aka "the Boo" joined us with her little man Heath who just smothers my soul with his cuteness. I kissed his delicious fat cheeks at least 246 times, at least. By the way he is already 17.5 pounds at 4 and a half months, he is healthy and perfect and I love him a lot multiplied by a million. You take a look at him and you realize that that's what life is about right there. And my little sister, she is such a super duper mom, I look up to her.

Our drive back to the west coast was a slow one, with many U-turns and stops for gas, feedings, burpings, diaper changes. Took us a few extra hours then usual and though it was a bit grueling I found it fun. We listened to my dads iPod on shuffle mode... he's got a billion of these random novelty songs about monkeys and kangaroos and stuff, and though he's heard 'em all thousands of times, he still get's a kick out of them and turns it up and says "you gotta hear this". We listened to the new EP in the truck, sounded pretty darn good in the big ol' Ford truck. "Hold Up my Heart" came on, it's his favorite song, (he always calls me to tell me he listens to "Hold up My heart" almost daily). Then we got to talking about deep complex spiritual thoughts, I always have more questions then there are answers. My dad has faith, solid faith. I'm grateful. My mom kept reminding him to keep his eyes on the road while he talks passionately and looking at us in the backseat through the rearview, and then we all took turns driving. My neck and shoulders felt like a pile of rocks by the end, but I enjoyed the roadtrip with the fam. 

Poor dad was put to work as soon as we got to my house, we are still working on loads of projects and my dad is this amazing carpenter so he has been of great help to us in making this old house look new. Since it was his birthday weekend and all we wanted to give him the exciting opportunity to cut a new door in the garage, happy birthday dad! Seriously, We promise that next time he comes he can just chill by the pool and go play golf with Dave.

Sunday however, was a day of rest for dad, we went to church and came home for a breakfast of Eggs Benedict, a White House family tradition. My parents have perfected the recipe, may be my favorite thing to eat of all time... more then pizza even. Though pizza is pretty unbelievable. We opened some gifts and he took a good Sunday snooze on the couch. Mom made him a cherry chip cake, have you ever had one of those? Really yummy. I made green chili enchilada's for dad's birthday, I am not much in the kitchen, as of now I can make less then five things, one of those five things is enchiladas, luckily they are one of my dads favorites. I have to say that they turned out quite tasty, we ate the left overs over the next two days...mmm. 

That evening was the Jack and White show at the Hotel Cafe. When it comes to my music, my dad is my number one fan (mom too). Most parents aren't in favor of their kids packin' up and moving out to LA to become a rockstar (not that thats exactly how it went) but my parents had a feeling early on, they knew before I did, but they never pushed, they've prayerfully supported and stayed close to me through it all with loving enthusiasm, I'm very grateful. They are music lovers, I am a music lover because they are music lovers. Anywho, back to the show, we are a new lil' band me and jack and we are just starting to get out there and perform our songs, so I loved that my fam was there, honestly, even if no one shows up and my family is there, I feel on top of the world. All in all it was a fun show,We did a special Beatles style birthday tune "ya say it's your birthday" good times rock n' roll! 

The next morning they left at 4:30 in order to get back for work, I always feel like cryin' when they pull out of the driveway and back down the road to Arizona. 

Dad, I hope you had a great birthday, so glad we could share it with ya. You are one wonderful dad. 

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