Saturday, February 12, 2011


I kinda quit top 40 radio, though occasionally I will flip past to just keep with the times and hear what five songs we are beatin' over the head with... over and over and over and over and over again, the repetition makes me wanna pull my hair out. A quick way to ruin a good song is to overplay it. That being said, as an artist it would be a golden problem that I would probably welcome. These days I've been diggin' 1o0.3 the sound, which is an independent classic rock station that plays vinyl back to front and doesn't shy away from B sides, they got all the good stuff covered, from Clapton and Elton John to ELO and Zepplin. Of course there is my trusty stand-by, K-Earth 101 that sticks with the golden oldies, although they are starting to throw 80's and early 90's songs into rotation which is kinda weird, I guess "oldies" are relative. And then there is 103.5 ............. the coast. They always do this excessively long pause inbetween "along" and "the coast", drives me nutz. They play all those soft rock hits that are "perfect for the office". I even like to check in with Hot 92 Jamz for my old school R&B fix with the Art Laboe connection, have you ever heard Art Laboe talking over the sexy hip hop beat? bizarre, i've always thought he was sort of an odd fit for the station, but a legend. If I'm near my computer or iphone then it's all about pandora... it is what radio should be, such a vast selection of tune-age, old and new, fast and slow, mainstreet and obscure, country or rock and roll, jazz or Christmas music 24/7, cinematic or fusion jazz, Sinatra or Metallica, Esperanza Spalding or Justin Bieber. Heck, even my songs are on Pandora. you want it you got it. And that's how I like my radio radio...

I could post a Katy Perry song or GAGA or that Bruno Mars song that kinda sounds like High Hopes and Heartbreak, but strangely I've had the conscious realization lately that I've been hearing this song almost every time I turn on the radio... almost thirty years later:

Layla by Derek and the Dominos. How about that guitar lick, now that's what we call in intro

How about you?


  1. "Since you been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson, which I like a lot. Still here it 7 years later.
    (From Nantucketbreeze)

  2. I mostly listen to XM Radio 70's. "Baby It's you" – A group Called Smith. Because of that I just bought their CD. Unbelievable music. I also bought the CD of their lead female singer Gayle McCormick. What a sound! They sing covers but their covers are really “Make it your own”!!