Sunday, February 13, 2011


This video is nothing special, but the song is hot sauce. If only the radio played something this cool. So obsessed. I am pretty sure there hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't listened to "what's the drawback" since I was introduced to The Silver Seas back in November by my pal Emily West. I have all three of their records and practically know every word to nearly every song. I'm probably their biggest fan. I've been on a mission to convert every person I know to this band... and that my friend, includes you:)

Best line of the song "she likes the magic chords in E.L.O."... perfect.
(From their current record Chateau Revenge)

another fun tune from their previous album High society...

who do you wish you heard on the radio?


  1. Actually this one is easy...

    First, The Corrs hugely, ignorantly, foolishly un-played. One, two maybe three songs got airplay in a catalog that easily has a couple dozen cuts that should have been hits.

    Second, one song that I happened across and never heard on the radio -- Angel Tonight by Leigh Nash. Wow!

    Third, and certainly pandering to our blog host, any of the 22 cuts I have off Brooke's albums including that nice acoustic Say Goodbye, or her 13 Idol studio cuts, or either of her collaborations with Summer.

    And fourth, Basia Bulat.

  2. "Come to My Rescue"
    "Dream On"
    "Smile" all by Brooke White

  3. This is so Easy! ALL Brooke White songs, of course! Everything from the High Hopes and Heartbreak album, and especially Free and Rescue Me from Songs from the Attic. Love them all!

    Also, all JACKOPIERCE songs-I know I have told you about these two guys a lot, Brooke. I don't know if you have checked them out yet,but they are terrific and I know you would like them. I have seen them several times in concert, not only are they so talented(singer/songwriters/guitarists like you), but have such fun humor on stage, also. I have actually met them and they are the nicest guys-Cary Pierce and Jack O'Neill.Our daughters are huge fans, also. They began in Dallas, TX at Southern Methodist University in the early 90's (our oldest daughter's alma mater). Check them out, you will become a fan, and let me know what you think, ok, Brooke? You will be glad you did. I will give Silver Seas a listen, too :)
    (from Nantucketbreeze)

  4. Brain Freeze-I meant Come to my Rescue, also the duet with Michael Johns-Life is Ok, and the duet with Justin Gaston- If I can Dream; the Girls w/Glasses theme with Summer, and as before mentioned, all Brooke's songs from her two CD's, plus Rhiannon cover, Blue Christmas, California Christmas, and songs from "Change of Plans". Yep, ALL of them!! Each and every one!
    (Nantucketbreeze again)

  5. Hmm, I'm LOVING this song, California Sunrise by Dirty Gold, but darn it if I can't even buy it on iTunes!? Makes this current VA girl MISS my home in San Diego like the dickens!

  6. I'm with Susie -- "Life is Okay" by Brooke and Michael Johns. LOVE that song!

  7. I would also like to hear some Rachel Sweet songs. Fantastic vocal range. Some favorites: Voo Doo,Baby Blue,Two Hearts Full Of Love, Paralyzed,Cruisin'Love and especially New Age.

  8. THANK YOU!!! Brooke...
    Silver Seas is really good, a new favorite of mine, and (in ways I cannot for legal reasons relay) very likely will get some national attention.

  9. You and Michael Johns! haha
    Tyler Hilton is someone else whose music I'd really like to hear on the radio. He's an amazing talent, but so underappreciated in the industry.

  10. song that I wish I heard on the radio... that'd be...

    any song from Delta Goodrem or Brooke White.