Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We are proud to present: 

We couldn't be more excited to give this to the world today. A big time thanks to iTunes for rocking the release in such an incredible way. To our amazing friends who have helped us create this lil' labor of love, we couldn't have pulled this off with out you. Team work rules. 



To you the fans, well, you are pretty much the reason we do this. 
Thank you for sustaining us and our art. We appreciate you so very much.

PS: if you aren't ready to invest $4.95 in JACK AND WHITE quite yet, 
that's totally cool, we gotchya covered with a 

"If you build it, they will come."

C.Jane and Telephone Games...

Human Connection is so very important... As in face to face, Eye contact, Mannerisms, tone of voice, facial expressions, laughter, energy and spirit. Sometimes this great miraculous technology we have literally at our fingertips, can get us in a real pickle, and has been know to create some misleading barriers between what's real and what's not. What we see on TV, on a blog, on a forum, in a text or in an email can truly distort the truth about people, or situations and leaves us all to assume things we don't really know for certain, fill in the blanks with faulty details and place unfair judgements. I'm sure pretty much all of us have experienced this breakdown in communication at one point or another. I've been super guilty.

When C.Jane and I met, I was nervous, but my first thought was "let's just hug it out", i'm a hugger. We did, I liked her right away. Her face was soft and pretty and kind. We sat and just talked, with natural ease, about many things, of course we discussed, said our sorrys and laughed about the lil' blog mix up last year that perhaps got blown a bit out of proportion, and then we moved quickly on to deeper and more meaningful conversation, relating upon spiritual thoughts and real life stuff... and moms, I loved that we could talk like that so effortlessly. Unfortunately we didn't get to visit much longer then a half hour, I had to go sing. But when we parted ways, I left feeling enlightened... it was one of those life lesson learned of the importance of real human connection and the great understanding it can provide, and healing. Something that you'll just never get with a "LOL" or a smiley face emoticon. Ain't nothin' like the real thing...

C.Jane is one heckuva lady. I have been a reader of her blog for quite some time, reading stories and adventures of Chup, the chief and Ever, and was always rather blown away by her ability to express with her words, so honestly, eloquently, interestingly, humorously and with a heap of humanity. Her writing is developed and hearty, amazing. I admire this great gift. As intriguing and inspiring and sassy as her persona is on a blog, there is a woman that exudes a feeling of warmth and sincerity, that is felt infinitely more when up close and personal. Glad I got to witness that first hand...

She's also a hardcore music lover, a lady after my own heart,  she has been a catalyst in creating a budding and thriving music scene in Provo, Utah with the Rooftop Concert Series with the highest quality artists and bands. Upcoming is a super sweet band IMAGINE DRAGONS, (I'm obsessed with their song "EMMA") if you are in the area, you should definitely get up on the roof.

Anywho, we made these little acoustic recording and videos for our "Gemini" EP in my living room before I had moved in my furniture and properly hung my curtains. They are home made videos of course, raw and real, Jack rocks the Toms and I'm barefoot of course. We play with these talented and funny musicians, Danny Cocke and Adam Culvey, and it is such a joy for me. Making music is pretty unbelievable. So we wanted to debut this little tune that has become a personal favorite, kind of a daggar in the heart kind of tune known as "telephone games". Right away C.Jane came to mind with her love and passion for music. She so kindly and quickly responded with a "YES"! Woohoo!

On behalf of Jack and White, we thank you very much Courtney. It is so good to be supported by friends.

You are more then welcome to go take a listen over at C.Janes... TELEPHONE GAMES

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Dear Brookie,
      In that moment of inevitable weakness, in that second of sneaky temptation... when the new Jen aniston/reese witherspoon BOB seems like such an adorably great idea, just take a good look at this picture of perfection and put down the scissors for goodness sake...


ahh... but then again, they are so very cute... them bobs on those gals.

(found on pinterest)

Friday, August 19, 2011


Ashley Stock... cute times a million she is, and the nicest too. Since moving to my new hood we've met and are becoming fast friends. Oh and our husbands also clicked real swell and get together for golf games. We both share a passion for fashion and all things crafty, I am blown away by her little craft room and all the lovely things that she creates. I also discovered that she has this adorable blog, where she shares how to make super cool stuff with loads of pretty pictures, and yet beyond all the cuteness is an authentic gal with a heart of gold which shines through in her very personable posts about her life, being a wife, and a mother to that little W, whom is out of this world cute (obviously the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, i know i keep saying cute, but seriously), as well she courageously gets personal about her own struggles in a way that is honest, relatable and refreshing. And what a writer! Inspiring... 

Anywho, a few weeks back she had so kindly asked me to join her in a fashion post. So I showed up to her house with a suitcase full of shoes and a stack of clothes and we got to mixing and matching and snapping photos... oh yeah she's a solid photographer too! Honestly, Ashley is the kind of gal that a girl could be jealous of, but then you meet her and you can't, instead you just admire her an ya simply love her... If you read her blog, I'm sure you agree... you can check out the post Here... again, she's the nicest! A Humungous thankyou Little Miss Momma... 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


There is almost nothing more that I love then sharing new music... well, actually that's not true, there are many things I love just as much and more, like pizza and family and projects. But I just wanted to give emphasis and drama to how much I love it. However, by now I have over-used the word love, as I always do, which then dilutes it's emphasis and meaning. But please believe me, it is with out dilution, my love, and the use of the word, for many people, places and things... and new music.

I have found a softer place in my heart for modern music. Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a "love" and or obsession for the classics, the oldies, the best songs of all time. And though I adore all music from each and every decade new and old, I always go back to my Eagles records, Rumors, Tapestry, Carpenters, James Taylor, America, ELO, Beach Boys, Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Bee Gee's, Hall and Oats and the list goes on. But in the last year I have decided to give the newbies more air time on the iPod and I've come to realize that there is some remarkably good artists, bands and records of our day out there that I have found to influence me musically and add some spicey spice to my old trusty playlists. 

Here are just a few records that would be worth adding to your library:

ELLIE GOULDING - LIGHTS: This girl is beyond talented, a Brit and brilliant. Though her fellow UK artist,  Adele is taking the world by storm, and rightfully so, Ellie shouldn't be too far behind her. Her sound is a beautiful hybrid of melodic singer-songwriter-esque lyrics atop dancy pop beats. It is super fresh and her unique voice has the emotional fragility and vibrato of a humming bird, but the control of a German sports car. The songs are solid, hardly a mediocre track on the record. I have gotten several friends hooked to this record, you will be too, trust me. 

DANIEL TASHIAN - ARTHUR: Frontman of one of my favorite indie modern bands The Silver Seas, he is with out a doubt one talented son of a gun. Though it is his solo record, these songs feel like an extension of The Silver Seas last record released last summer, Chateau Revenge, containing quite possibly my favorite song ever "what's the drawback". With carefully crafted melodies and arrangements bursting with delicious ear candy, his songwriting style is very classic, but delivered with such a modern pallet of sounds. Everything sounds familiar but never cliche. You need to hear "swimming against the tide". I dare you not to play it over and over. Actually, I double dare you.

MUTE MATH - ARMISTICE: This record isn't brand new, actually it dropped in 2009, but I'm late to the party and just discovered it recently. My band mate Jack and producer Danny introduced me to it and I have to say that contrary to what my previous perception was of Mute Math, I am blown away by their stunning sonic sound. Though it has an edge, It isn't as heavy as I expected, it is much smoother, glassy and warm then I anticipated. There hooks are instant, the lyrics are crafty, but then when it gets to the chorus they keep it simple. I love that though they know how to get cool, they refrain from getting too cool for school. I'm currently addicted to "Goodbye". It's romantic and upbeat all at once. Solid band, I'm a fan.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Pinterest Find, although I tried to trace it back to it's origin and can't find it, would love to frame this and hang it up in a place I can always see it.

 Anywho it is brilliant and yet simple.... love it. Are you happy??


Not only did my momma have a birthday, so did my rad dad Brad just two days later! Having flown home for my mom's special day, my parents decided that they would drive me back to California and spend the weekend with us, and also catch my JACK AND WHITE show at the Hotel Cafe which also happened to be the same day as my dads big fat birthday! As well, my sweet sister Katie aka "the Boo" joined us with her little man Heath who just smothers my soul with his cuteness. I kissed his delicious fat cheeks at least 246 times, at least. By the way he is already 17.5 pounds at 4 and a half months, he is healthy and perfect and I love him a lot multiplied by a million. You take a look at him and you realize that that's what life is about right there. And my little sister, she is such a super duper mom, I look up to her.

Our drive back to the west coast was a slow one, with many U-turns and stops for gas, feedings, burpings, diaper changes. Took us a few extra hours then usual and though it was a bit grueling I found it fun. We listened to my dads iPod on shuffle mode... he's got a billion of these random novelty songs about monkeys and kangaroos and stuff, and though he's heard 'em all thousands of times, he still get's a kick out of them and turns it up and says "you gotta hear this". We listened to the new EP in the truck, sounded pretty darn good in the big ol' Ford truck. "Hold Up my Heart" came on, it's his favorite song, (he always calls me to tell me he listens to "Hold up My heart" almost daily). Then we got to talking about deep complex spiritual thoughts, I always have more questions then there are answers. My dad has faith, solid faith. I'm grateful. My mom kept reminding him to keep his eyes on the road while he talks passionately and looking at us in the backseat through the rearview, and then we all took turns driving. My neck and shoulders felt like a pile of rocks by the end, but I enjoyed the roadtrip with the fam. 

Poor dad was put to work as soon as we got to my house, we are still working on loads of projects and my dad is this amazing carpenter so he has been of great help to us in making this old house look new. Since it was his birthday weekend and all we wanted to give him the exciting opportunity to cut a new door in the garage, happy birthday dad! Seriously, We promise that next time he comes he can just chill by the pool and go play golf with Dave.

Sunday however, was a day of rest for dad, we went to church and came home for a breakfast of Eggs Benedict, a White House family tradition. My parents have perfected the recipe, may be my favorite thing to eat of all time... more then pizza even. Though pizza is pretty unbelievable. We opened some gifts and he took a good Sunday snooze on the couch. Mom made him a cherry chip cake, have you ever had one of those? Really yummy. I made green chili enchilada's for dad's birthday, I am not much in the kitchen, as of now I can make less then five things, one of those five things is enchiladas, luckily they are one of my dads favorites. I have to say that they turned out quite tasty, we ate the left overs over the next two days...mmm. 

That evening was the Jack and White show at the Hotel Cafe. When it comes to my music, my dad is my number one fan (mom too). Most parents aren't in favor of their kids packin' up and moving out to LA to become a rockstar (not that thats exactly how it went) but my parents had a feeling early on, they knew before I did, but they never pushed, they've prayerfully supported and stayed close to me through it all with loving enthusiasm, I'm very grateful. They are music lovers, I am a music lover because they are music lovers. Anywho, back to the show, we are a new lil' band me and jack and we are just starting to get out there and perform our songs, so I loved that my fam was there, honestly, even if no one shows up and my family is there, I feel on top of the world. All in all it was a fun show,We did a special Beatles style birthday tune "ya say it's your birthday" good times rock n' roll! 

The next morning they left at 4:30 in order to get back for work, I always feel like cryin' when they pull out of the driveway and back down the road to Arizona. 

Dad, I hope you had a great birthday, so glad we could share it with ya. You are one wonderful dad. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011


On August 11th Kaylene, my too pretty for words mom that looks like she could be my sister, turned 50. I know that is still so young, but many would agree that 50 is a significant milestone of life. I am already just a little over halfway there and that is kinda freaky, not that I really think about it often, but isn't it amazing how speedily the sand falls through the hour glass. Each year feels faster then the last. I jumped on board the fast train years ago, and sometimes wish I could brace myself and jump off, or even just slow it down, however this is the golden age of health and opportunity and I am really trying to enjoy and utilize all this energy that most likely won't last forever. Artistically I feel like maybe I've hit my prime and am starting to love what I do more then ever, emotionally i'm finally starting to feel a little more secure with in myself, I've gotten to do so much, and yet there is so much more to look forward to, so much more to do, the most important things are yet to come... looking forward to it all and yet happy in the here and now.

Anywho, we wanted to surprise my momma, and so we devised a top secret plan a week in advance. I snuck over to Arizona the night before, my sister picked me up from the airport, we stayed up late into the evening at her house preparing an early morning surprise tea party.  She had requested that we didn't throw her a full blown surprise party, so we kept it quaint and personable with just us girls. With stealthy coordination with our awesome dad, we were able to come over in the early hours of the morning and set the table with fresh flowers, place tags, tea cups and a yummy breakfast with out making a peep... not an easy task for super loud talkers like us. When she came out of her room for my dad to "take her out to breakfast" she was completely stunned! It's the greatest thing when someone is genuinely surprised! We made her wear a goofy childrens princess hat, she was so happy, and that made me sooo happy. We also gave her a book that my siblings, and dad and I compiled for her using iphoto... "fifty things we love about Kaylene" with pictures throughout her life and all the things we love about her big and small, she cried some happy tears. Per her request we ended the day with the whole family at the Dbacks Game where we had a fancy dinner of hotdogs and a soda, even Katie Boo could get herself a gluten free bun at the game. Oh and the Dbacks were able to pull off the win in the extra inning! Woowoo!

Pretty much I love this lady a lot. As babelicious and sparkly as she is on the outside, she is even sparklier on the inside... so much depth and character, compassion and empathy towards others. She is authentic and honest, a true individual always trying to better herself and is courageous to be who she is regardless of what people think. She is quirky and candid, funny and innocent.  And she butters toast like no other. Mom we sure do love ya. 

Somehow she has turned back the clock, and can't be defined by a number, but  hey, If this is what 50 looks like, then cool, sign me up!

Friday, August 12, 2011


how do they do it these ladies? keepin' up on their blogs, keepin' em pretty, keepin' em fresh... keepin' them updated? I just don't know, but they do, and they do it well. And I love to look at them and be inspired, I used to get bummed out, but being bummed out is pretty crappy, and comparing is a big fat waste of time and energy, and thinking that we'll "never be as cute, creative, cool, witty, funny, interesting, eloquent, crafty, stylish, hip, consistent, etc. etc. etc. as the next person", is just so counter-productive, and therefore I decided to just be inspired... and I can HONESTLY say that I am and have been motivated to work to cultivate my own talents and take risks to try new things. I am just blown away with how ridiculously gifted and motivated people are. Seriously. Thanks to all of you out there out-putting such beautiful and brilliant stuff and for sharing your life's stories. You fill me up with ideas and thoughts and feelings I tell ya...

Anywho, Just met this gal Emma, and she is an incredible knitter of fine fashionable pieces, she also happens to be a Graphic Designer with impeccable taste in typography and images. She definitely has a less is more approach, minimalist but refined and organic which I absolutely love. Sometimes I love the understated and sometimes I love over the top, I'm happy that there is always a place for both  and everything in between cause I can and do enjoy it all! But go take a gander at Emma's blog, Emmadime, it'll leave ya feeling refreshed and longing to simplify with quality over quantity. Not only is she an amazing curator, she is also such a nice lovely lady herself. Thanks Emma for featuring my little look on your beauty of a blog, and I should mention that Dave took the picture. He was proud of himself... he did good :)