Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Maybe you've seen it, maybe ya haven't, but our official video for "California Dreamin" (which was originally shot for The Song That Changed My Life), was premiered yesterday at You, Me and Charlie. Watch if ya'd like, yes there is a strategically placed guitar, being over 8 months pregnant and in front of the camera is not my favorite. Nonetheless, thanks to an amazing crew, their tricky camera skillz and magic editing powers, this vid turned out nicely! 

Speaking of "The Song that Changed My Life", if you missed the Jack and White episode the first time it aired last month, no worries, it will be re-airing next Monday, May 28th on BYUtv. Pretty cool lil' show to be a part of... loved it.  If ya don't get BYUtv on your TV set, we've got ya covered, you can stream it online as well right HERE.  Cool, so maybe watch it!?

The single is also available to download now exclusively on itunes! It is the first track from our Upcoming cover EP, appropriately titled "Undercover" which will be droppin' next Tuesday, May 29th! Pretty stoked about this one, I've always wanted to release a cover record... with literally a gajillion great tunes to choose from, it was challenging to narrow down the selection, so we chose a song from each decade, starting with the 60's until our modern day. Because of it's classic legendary status, you'll noticed we decided to stay true to the original arrangement of California Dreamin' and just give it a modern polish. However, with the rest of the tunes we made liberal use of our artistic license, gave 'em a lil' spin and took them to new places. We'll see how y'all respond, it's a challenging endeavor to take a hit song and honor it's original greatness, while making it fresh... making it your own. However it was a gritty and fun challenge that we really sunk our teeth into. Been working on it  day and night for the last 2-3 months solid, which really helped this last trimester of my pregnancy kinda fly by, thankfully. We sure hope you dig it.

Anywho, there is a lil' something for everyone. Here's whatchya can expect:

60's: California Dreamin' (Mama's and the Papa's)
70's: Telephone Line with guest vox by "Fitz" of my fave, Fitz & the Tantrums (Electric Light Orchestra)
80's: Here Come's the Rain Again (Eurythmics)
90's: How's it Going to Be? (third eye blind)
2000's: Cry Me a River (Justin Timberlake)
2010's: Tighten Up (The Black Keys) 

and speaking of tightening up... here goes another contraction. gotta run...

Yay for music and babies... kinda my favorite :)

ps- one more thing, The Girls with Glasses finally got a new website! Woohoo! gonna go now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


14 weeks:
 18 weeks:
 20 weeks... I thought I was huge... 
 22 weeks...
 24 weeks... the only bare belly shot... and seriously that belly button popped around 3 weeks.
 26 weeks... I thought I was massive
 31 weeks... 
 34 weeks... thought I was in the clear... nope, here come the stretch marks... 
 37 weeks... no this is not photoshopped. It is real, and it is big, and it is dropping... more stretch marks

I am now 38 weeks, looking at these photos back to back for the first time and blown away by the evolution of this body.  Some days I feel like it can't possibly stretch any farther,  and yet with each passing week I am proved wrong, it grows and grows... and grows. This belly is large and in charge, I am stopped by strangers at almost every turn, persistent stares from restaurant booths, impulsive belly touching from people I've never met,  free advice offered at every encounter, inquiries such as "are you sure you are not having twins?", and the older ladies insisting that I am having a boy despite me informing them that I am having a girl which has been confirmed by very advanced modern technology on multiple occasions, and if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say "you look like you are about to pop!" I would be pushing the millionaire mark. Even Dave spouts quite regularly "man! that belly is crazy" as if it's the first time he's seen it... he sees it every day. 

Indeed I am about to pop, and it is crazy, and while much of the attention at times feels awkward and unsolicited, I am very okay, and I'd have to agree with 'em, it is a site to behold, and while it happens to millions everyday, it is still a miracle and a wonder how a human being can grow within a belly, another human being. And in those moments when I am sitting and I instantly become claustrophobic and intensely aware of what I have deemed the pregnant "stack", where the boobs rest on the belly and the belly rests on the thighs and the legs become restless stumps with feet attached to the ends which I have not seen in months, and there isn't a single t-shirt left in my closet that will dare stretch to the borders of this watermelon sized belly, and I see this body in the mirror and I can't remember what it used to look like, it all is the most wildly miraculous reminder that there is a baby in there, a big healthy thriving baby, a pretty little eight pounder with round cheeks and a sweet plump pair of lips (according to the ultrasound) that I am about to meet in the flesh! AAAHHHH!!! 

The doctor doesn't think we're gonna make it to that May 31st... and while I will spare you the details,  apparently surprising and swift significant progress is being made. I've been walking, and contracting, and peeing, and making lists and finishing projects and vacuuming, wondering over and over "is this it?" and "what was that?!" and freaking out a lot because I have never done this before, and I don't know what to expect (even though yes, I have read "what to expect when you're expecting") and I guess I'm very scared of pushing this wonderous eight pounder through, and simultaneously thinking I'm so not ready for this and yet so very ready for this and want to see her now, but just need to fold some towels first! And I just keep thinking... I am having a baby! 




ps. lots of texts and tweets... is she here yet? Nope, i will keep you posted.