Thursday, December 6, 2012


Drumroll please....

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls! Wowsers this was a mighty close one! I thought we were gonna have a tie, but by one vote, the winner of 100 super lovely christmas cards from indie printing is...

Hooray Katie! Congrats on a super cute Christmas card and that babe in the oven!

Runners Up! Runners Up! You did good too! You will get an autographed copy of White Christmas, woo hoo!

Katie Lee #8
Heather Myers #5
Louie Murillo #3
Laura Adams #7

One more time, thank you so very much for your joining in the Christmas Card fun, your unique creative designs and for everyone for voting! 

Merry Christmas, Love ya :)

Monday, December 3, 2012


AAHHH! You guys, so many awesome, creative, adorable, original and even weird submissions... and for a person who struggles a great deal with indecision, it was a real challenge narrowing it down to five. Indeed I was overcome with stress, therefore I called upon my much more decisive companion, Dave Ray CPA to help me do the heartless task of not choosing everyone. And the funny thing is, we still couldn't cut it down to five, so we chose ten, yes ten diverse and creative designs. 

Please know I want you all to win 100 free beautiful prints on amazing card stock of your Christmas Card from Indie Printing... but in life we don't always win... and it's, okay I guess. Unless you had fun, well then, you know... You totally won :)

Thank you to each and every one of you for participating and sending in your cute cards. Being creative is wonderful, I appreciate you for sharing your art with me, I enjoyed this.

Here's the scoop, Voting will go like this:
- simply leave a comment below with your vote for one of the following designs, designated by number
- you may only vote once, and for just one design. I know, I'm a hypocrite, I chose 10. 
- Feel free to spread the word to your friends, fams and followers to come and vote for ya! 
- KINDESS! Please keep all commentary respectful! These folks took a risk in sharing their creative ideas, if you don't dig someones design, or disagree with another commenter, keep those feelins to yourself or write them down on a post it. Please, Be nice, this is fun.
- I will tally up votes on Wednesday night at midnight and announce the winner Thursday morning in time to go to the printer! 











Oh and if perhaps you could help me with a tweet, or a pin, or instagram, or facebook, or blog about this...

or this :)

Thank you kindly. 

Monday, November 26, 2012


Hello there! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! It's officially beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Speaking of, I’m doing a special Christmas show in Carlsbad, CA (between Orange County and San Diego). 

I also now have a special code for discounted tickets ($15) for my followers! You can buy tickets here: and enter the promo code “i love xmas” when checking out! Show starts at 8:00pm and it will be a super duper special one-of-a-kind stripped down intimate Christmas show!

C'mon down to Carlsbad

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So prompted by the song, I wanted to do a little something special here with you all in honor of the holiday, in honor of Christmas Cards, Creativity and kindness.

Here's the deal, Let's have ourselves a merry little contest...

you design your very own original card, of your fam, the kiddos, you and your boyfriend, your dog! This card is for you, something you would send to your family and friends! Submit your design, and we will all vote on a winner!

And what will the winner receive you ask?

The winner will receive 100 beautifully printed cards of their own original and one of a kind winning design from my printer of choice, Indie Printing ! I've gone to them for a variety of projects, and I'm sort of a particular kind of gal when it comes to printing and paper, this is not flimsy photo paper, this is prime card stock that truly makes my heart swoon! Graphic design geeks, typography enthusiasts, paper lovers, Christmas card junkies... this contest is for you!

Oh, and of course, the top 5 finalist will win a signed copy of White Christmas from yours truly.

So fire up photoshop, or whatever you got... have fun, get creative and show me your Christmas Cards! Submissions due by December 1st!

  • Design a Christmas card, it can be elaborate, it can be simple, with a photo, with out a photo but it must be original! Up to 3 submission each
  • Email hi-res JPG to (include Name & address for if you win)
  • Submissions due by December 1st 12pm PST
  • Post on INSTAGRAM #brookewhitechristmascard
  • or Post on FACEBOOK tag @BrookeWhite
  • Voting begins Dec 2nd
  • Winner announced on Dec 5th 
Winner will receive their designed cards prints from Indie Printing by December 10th! Just in time to drop in the mail!

Monday, November 19, 2012


It's the only time of year that I rush to the mailbox, in great anticipation of glorious holiday greetings, perhaps one of my favorite parts of the season...

The Christmas Card.

I know we are all seeing a lot more of each other these days with a never ending feed of instagram and facebook updates of our iphone self portraits, babies, cats, breakfasts and family vacations... but there is still something so old fashioned, personal and so very wonderful about getting envelopes in different sizes and colors,  with hand written addresses from different places, from people near and far... ripping open that envelope and holding the card in your hand, and taping it to the back of your front door, till it becomes a massive explosion of Costco holiday photo cards. There is of course the rare few actual cards, that open and shut, that usually don't hang on for long to the back of said door. And of course I especially enjoy the snowflake boarder stationary, with the full page typed, over the top yearly report Christmas letters touting one by one all the wondrous achievements, promotions, trips and eagle scout awards! Bless 'em.

But then there is sending out those cards... it is a labor of love a Christmas card is, anxiety inducing even. Getting a decent family photo where everyone is looking at the camera, with normal human smiles and eyes open... eyes of glee and holiday cheer, and not eyes full of "we're gonna rip eachothers heads off" rage... there is the bribery of little children and husbands rolling their eyes when the photographer says "ok, just one more!". And then there is addresses, it always seems like half the people in the address book move every year, thankfully we can just get on facebook and send a mass message "hey could you text me your address so I can mail you a card?". And then there's postage?! And just one more trip to the post office for another blasted book of stamps! Before you know it you've dropped a couple Benjamins' on the dang Christmas card project.

But... It's worth it! I swear it's worth it, every year!

Then there is that moment, where you sit down with your address book, and as you go through the alphabet you might come across that name, or two... 

It's been a while, you've lost touch, should you send them a card? Are they going to send you a card? Maybe they will maybe they wont. Perhaps there was a falling out, over something silly... or something serious. But you look at that name, and you struggle, and you wonder, maybe this is your chance, an opportunity... an olive branch in the form of a Christmas card. It may not heal the world, undo what was done, but it may bring a smile, start the mend of a little broken heart.

I wrote a song about this... and I have to say, it felt inspired. All the above sarcasm and snark aside, this song is pure, from the heart, in my soul. And that's what the Christmas Card was always supposed to be about. 

Here's a little video of me playing it in my living room, thanks to Jack and Brad for making it :-)


So I've been wanting to post this for quite some time. This is my cousin Chase, he had surgery a while back this year... I watch it when i'm bummin' out and need a lil' bit, or big bit of laughter.

a tiny bit long, but oh so worth it. 

you're welcome. 

Monday, November 5, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dogs and cats, snowmen and snowwomen, republicans and democrats... and even independents

There are two things you need to do today...

and less importantly, but still pretty importantly...

Please take a listen to my brand new Christmas album, WHITE CHRISTMASavailable today on itunes! I'm kind of the biggest fan of Christmas, and I've always wanted to record a full length holiday record, so it was a real joy makin' this one, spiritual even. The Londy Loo and me listened to a lot of Carpenters Christmas Portrait (only the best christmas record of all time) on those 100 degree summer days to get into the Holiday spirit.

There is of course some fresh interpretations of Carols of old, a couple modern classics, and I even wrote a few tunes of my own, including a Christmas song about forgiveness that I'm feeling good about. Overall it is a melodic, harmonious collection of tunage, that will pair nicely with some hot chocolate while setting up the Christmas tree.... in a few short weeks.
Special thanks to Chris Seefried for helping me create this merry little piece of work.

Have a holly jolly election day!


Christmas time is here
have yourself a merry little christmas
o come all ye faithful
last christmas
christmas card (new original)
silent night
wonderful christmastime
i love christmas (the GWG)
*blue christmas
*california Christmas
what child is this

*produced by Dave Cobb

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Remember the 90's? Remember Third Eye Blind? Remember "How's it going to be"? That guitar hook? So good right?!

When we were thinkin' up tunes from the 90's that we wanted to cover for our Undercover EP, we went through a million bajillion songs before we finally remembered this no-brainer. The original is so killer that we weren't quite sure what we were gonna do with it, but the evolution of the arrangement became that of a softer, understated, more vulnerable and organic take on this song about the wonder of what's left over in life after loving someone for so long. We really love it if we can say so ourselves...

It really is the perfect song, enjoy this brand new video right here... feel free to share it with a buddy or two.

ps- and yes that is the sound of a sweep of a broom on my hard wood floors. Thanks Neil Young for the inspiration.

Monday, July 2, 2012


 Yay! Sarahkingx you win!

Send us an email to

Hope you dig your new Sol Angeles t-shirt, Vinyl Copy of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours and a signed copy of "Undercover"! 
Woo to the Hoo!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


It is June 24th... this means that I gave birth to my daughter,  London June Ray, exactly one month ago today. How can this be? Everywhere we go, we get stopped by strangers, they look at her with sentimental eyes and they all seem to say the same thing... "they grow so fast" or "don't blink" and "enjoy every second", and with every little passing moment I am acutely aware of this acceleration of of time... and it actually causes me a pain in my chest, a physical anxiety, a panic almost and I beg my beloved Londy Loo to please... Grow slow.

We stare at each other most of the day. And when she is asleep I stare at pictures of her, I've got nearly a thousand of them, documenting every last facial expression, cute outfit and tender moment. Yes, she even has her own instagram account dedicated to "a little bit of London everyday". I'm infatuated, deeply, and it's a bit ridiculous how much I love to just look at her, study her features, kiss her cheeks over and over, and hold her as tight as I can with out completely squishing her delicate newborn frame. I cry a lot, like the day she turned a whopping week old, or when her yucky little remnant of her umbilical chord fell off to reveal the perfect belly button, or when I saw real tears stream down her tiny face a few days ago. While  hormones and exhaustion are  likely the culprit, they can't take all the blame... real love such as this is intense.

As Ron Burgandy so poignantly and dramatically exclaimed, "I feel like I'm in a glass case of emotion!!" I am happy, I am sad, I am worried,  there is constant ache, a vulnerability and a confusing melancholic joy that I can't even describe. I suppose this is why it has taken me so long to write about it, which I was certain that I would do nearly the second I came home from the hospital. I wanted to get it all down, while it was fresh and new and powerful. But... I just haven't been able to find those words to articulate this kind of love, I still can't, and I couldn't find the desire to sit in front of a computer when I could be sitting in front of my beauty of a baby, and nor has she allowed me much time to do so. She is not one of those babies that snoozes the day away in a swing or a swaddle, nope not my girl. She is bright eyed, always looking up at me, melting my heart and demanding my attention when distracted by the buzz of a text message, requiring me to rise before the sun and stay awake with her till almost noon, She was quite literally born ready to give this life a real go. Even the lactation consultant who came to my rescue in the depths of my woes of nursing (so hard, a blog post unto itself) held my squiggly wiggly and alert newborn up to take a good look at her, and said to me "wow, this is a wild person!". Eventually I might likely grow weary, but for now I am so happy to just be right here with her, right now, taking in every bit of her sweet wild spirit. I'm not getting much done, but who cares, I've spent the last decade of my life "getting things done" and being a hyper-multi-tasker, overly ambitious and constantly stressed about "doing it all". However, a funny thing has happened to me, while I still care deeply about my music, my "projects" and being a girl with glasses, right now I am quite consumed with the desire to do one thing really really well, and that is to be London's mom.

That morning I went to the hospital to be induced one week shy of my due date, I was abnormally calm, as a cucumber. Now I realize I was just completely oblivious of what was to come, and thankfully so. Perhaps my subconscious was protecting me, blocking out all fear, because I expected no pain. Sounds silly I know, I was about to push a person through "down there", and with my one and only plan for an epidural in place ,  I anticipated to not feel a darn thing. However this was not my fate. From the I.V. to the anesthesia, to the epidural, to the catheter to the main event... I felt a lot. Unfortunately the right side of my body seemed to have complete disregard for the epidural, I could wiggle my right toes, do leg lifts, I pinched my thigh only to let out an "ouch"! My left side however was dead to the world, and if I had to push a baby out of my left big toe I would've been good to go, however we all know that the left toe is not the location of a babies entrance to the world. While my contractions were rather dull, the necessary region was still fully aware of every painful sensation. This was not good news, and that calm feeling was abruptly replaced with panic. I informed the nurse several times that "I think I need more".  I'll be the first to admit, I am scared person, I am fearful, particularly of pain. Through out the day the nurses and doctor would ask me "on a scale of 1-10, how is your pain?" It wasn't till the end of the experience that I'd gotten an educated sense of that pain scale. Basically I learned that my tolerance for physical pain was, low. Dave, calm and strong as he always is, held my hand while my body shook and sweat ruined the make-up that I had put on that morning in hopes that I would look decent in photos. Looking back at the pictures, that attempt was unsuccessful...

My mom and dad walked into the room after driving in from AZ,  along with my sister who had surprised me with her unexpected presence. Seeing them suddenly made me feel like a little kid lying in a big scary hospital bed and I cried... cause I was so happy to see them, cause I wanted my mom, because I was scared, because of the drugs,  because I was in pain, because in a few short hours I was going to finally meet my very own first child. My little sister who gave birth a year before me took my hair and tied it up in a knot on top of my head to keep it out of my face, she assured me I could do this.  Within a few short hours I had made significant progress, my wonderful nurse Joy went on her lunch break and assured me that by the time she returned, I would be having a baby. The anesthesiologist returned to give me a pep talk a one final boost of the epidural, and my right side began to feel dull in the nick of time. My doctor came in, assessed the situation and announced it was time to push. I had been listening to John Mayer's record "Born and Raised" through out the day to sooth my nerves and take my mind off the pain and anxiety of labor.  Those songs will always remind me of the day London was born...

I looked at the clock, it was just ten minutes past six pm. It was go time, I tried to calm my shaking body with the deep breathing techniques I had learned in my pre-natal yoga class. I wanted to be brave, I said a million little prayers under my breath "please heavenly father, please help me do this". I begged Dave to not "look", to stay up above with me, but he couldn't help himself and wanted to be a witness. He was amazing. I was relieved after my first push to feel pressure instead of pain... though the pressure was intense it was bearable to my worn out body. My tricky doctor would distract me in between pushes by asking me about how Dave and I met nearly nine years before at the Thanksgiving dance in Mesa. I would get to a certain part of the story and suddenly feel the strong urge to push. It was hard physical work. My dad waited just outside of the curtain to be saved from the visual of the birth, but I could hear him cheering me on from the other side. My mom and sister stood at my side wiping my forehead and taking photos that would document the most important experience of my almost twenty nine years of life. We never made it to the end of the story, and those final pushes I squeezed Dave's hand with all I had left, the doctor exclaimed "she has hair!" I was over the moon with just the thought of her little head of hair and I started to cry, I could hardly wait to see her, and with one motivated last push and she was out by 6:41pm, it was so quick and yet played out in slow motion, she didn't even cry, as they immediately placed her beautiful little body on my chest.

She was still covered in Goop, I didn't care, I felt like a momma lion with the instinct to nearly lick her new cub clean, but I held her close to my body and kissed her head over and over and told her "Im your mom! I'm your mom!" I cried, I laughed, I was so high. Never felt so euphoric in my life, all the pain, the pressure, the fear, didn't matter. Now I've gotten to do some pretty cool things in my life, had some pretty special moments, but none of them could compare to this one. Dave cut the chord, we huddled together, a little family. The love... the love.

They took her, they cleaned her and weighed her. Just as my ultrasound suspected, I had a big healthy baby, 8 lbs 12 ounces, 20 inches of perfection. My family all took their turns to hold her.  Watching them hold her I kept thinking "that is my baby". I couldn't wait to hold her again. As well I become intensely aware of how thirsty and hungry I was, little did I know I would not be allowed to eat nor drink during labor. Finally they brought me a fruit juice concoction that was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted and I chugged it faster then I should, only for it to come right back up. The room became quiet as my family went back to our home to sleep, the doctor left us for the night and it was us and our London. The responsibility for her life weighed heavily upon us. It was nearly impossible to sleep that night. Having never felt so exhausted I could hardly close my eyes. We watched her like a hawk, the tiny rise and fall of her chest. Picking her up at the slightest cry. Attempting several times to nurse her, it hurt. The epidural wore off and the pain of labor settled in. My body felt like a wasteland and yet I felt like I was floating on a cloud. 

The last four weeks have been nothing short of the most euphoric, challenging, exhausting, painful, happy, heavy, lonely, overwhelmingly joyful time of our existence. The spectrum of emotion is vast and extreme. It's amazing what a body can do in just over nine months, and though it might not ever be what it once was, is healing and changing almost daily and I am grateful for the miracle it produced. Nursing has been harder then I hoped, hurts like heck and yet is truly heavenly in those moments when it is working, it's getting better everyday. Dave Ray CPA, I've never loved and appreciated him more. He told me before she was born "I'm gonna be a good dad, I think it's going to be what I'm good at"... but he's way better then good, he's amazing. Turns out he's a full on baby whisperer. It's remarkable to see this sports loving, hockey playing, accountant turn into a swaddling, diaper changing, lullaby singing super dad.  The day he had to go back to work I fell apart. Parenting is a team sport...

There is so much more, but this is certainly long enough, and It's nearly midnight, I will with out question be awoken by the cry of a hungry lil' baby with a poopy diaper in less then two hours, and that nap I was going to take today never happened, so I'm going to stop here... for now:)

Friday, June 22, 2012


A super soft t-shirt from SOL ANGELES, a cool new brand we're  collaborating with this summer, more details to come (, a vinyl copy of our favorite record, Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" and a signed copy of “Undercover”!
and our favorite:

Also, Take a listen to our live cover of "Dreams", get a free download of it when you buy the "Undercover" EP from our website
 Dreams - Live (Fleetwood Mac cover) by Jack and White 

THE SCOOP: To participate in this week's Giveaway, we would love for you to help us out by posting the cover of our new EP “Undercover” on your Instagram or Facebook. After posting the cover (see below) to your Instagram/Facebook, just leave a comment below letting us know where you posted the link (include your instragram name or name on facebook)! (and yes we actually check!:) A winner will be selected next Tuesday! (All participants names are submitted into a random app and the winner is randomly selected)

POST MESSAGES (or you can use your own, just include the link!)

Check out the new @thejackandwhite EP “Undercover” on iTunes! #undercover

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Let the games begin! One last giveaway next week too! Stay tuned...


You all are so awesome to participate so we decided to randomly select three winners for last weeks giveaway, and those winner(s) from last weeks Giveaway are...

Grand Prize (J&W necklace/Worktapes CD/Signed Undercover CD):

Elizabeth Rosalyn/ @ElizabethThe

Runners Up: (Worktapes CD/Signed Undercover CD)

1. Makinsey/ @Makinsey
2. Katrina

Thursday, June 14, 2012





And for the super fan, We’ll be giving away just ONE one-of-a-kind CD with 9 original worktape demos of the songs from Gemini & Winter PLUS demos of 2 unreleased songs that we originally wrote for Gemini! These worktapes have never been released and are unavailable anywhere else! The moment we finish writing a song, we record a very stripped down, bare bones version to get it down on "tape". A couple of them we only had half the song done, some of them have a couple flubs, some have a few different lyrics and some are more raw then others. We've even included two b-side tracks that have never been released. This is how it all begins boys and girls! Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Gemini (Worktape)
2. Double Trouble (Worktape)
3. Inside Outside (Worktape)                                    
4. Telephone Games (Worktape)
5. Smoke and Mirrors (Worktape)                           
6. Feathers (Worktape)
7. One More Time (B-side Worktape)    
8. Surrender (B-side Worktape)               
9. Night After Night (Worktape)
10. On The Bright Side of the Bad News (Worktape)
11. The Grown Up Song (XYZ) (Worktape)

To participate in this week's Giveaway, we would love for you to help us out by posting this video of our cover of ELO's "Telephone Line" (featuring our friend Fitz of "Fitz and the Tantrums"). After posting this youtube link (see below) to your Twitter/Facebook/Blog/Pinterest/Lockerz etc., just leave a comment below letting us know where you posted the link! (and yes we actually check!:) A winner will be selected next Tuesday! (All participants names are submitted into a random app and the winner is randomly selected)

Telephone Line... the link:

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Check out @theJACKANDWHITE 's video for their cover of ELO’s “Telephone Line”  feat. Fitz!

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Check out @Jack and White’s video for their cover of ELO’s “Telephone Line”  feat. Fitz!

Post or Pin the video along with a link

Let the games begin!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Sorry guys and gals, I am a day behind, we'll just say yesterday was interesting! Anywho, it's a new day, I have the Londy Loo sleeping sweetly in the swing so I have a quick quiet minute to let y'all know we have a winner for last weeks Give Away!

And that winner is...

JESSIE GARBER (JN/@jessiegarber)!!! Woohoo!!! 

Congrats Jessie on scoring a brand new pair of CASSETTE SHADES! You will be lookin' super hot this summer! Oh and a signed copy of the new Undercover EP! Yeah!!

Thank you to everybody for participating and helping us spread the word! We will start Give-Away #2 tomorrow so stay tuned, I am pretty excited about this one and kinda really want this prize for myself!!

(All give-away participants names were submitted into a Random App and the winner was selected)

Friday, June 8, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, lads and lasses, dudes and dudettes, guys and dolls, hims and hers, he's and she's... 

Yes indeed, I had a baby, exactly two weeks ago already, and I don't even know how that's possible? Time is going so fast and I am making it a point to literally just stare at her with out blinking an eye, cause in the words of Aerosmith (or Diane Warren to be exact), I don't wanna miss a thing, and it is exhausting being this obsessed. Hence my reason for not yet posting here on the blog about the most massive, special, painful, emotional, incredible and all encompassing moment of my entire lifetime. However I am working on said post, and it will be up Monday. I can't wait to tell you all about her, if you follow me on instagram or twitter, you've already been inundated with about a hundred bajillion pictures of her undeniable cuteness, and I'm sorry, I promise I try to practice self-restraint, I try not to overdo it, but you guys, I can't stand it, she just slays me daily. 

Until then I wanted to let y'all know that the JACK AND WHITE UNDERCOVER EP was released last week and is in the words of Little Caesars (Pizza), HOT AND READY!!

Have ya heard it yet? If you haven't I would certainly love for you to head on over to itunes and take a listen, click here to listen to full versions of the songs and perhaps feel motivated by musics magical powers to download it and enjoy it as the soundtrack to your summer! We had a good ol' time making this record, as we carefully selected the perfect covers from each decade, which resulted in six slammin' renditions of finely crafted tuneage.

So for the next four weeks we are doing a couple of fun and awesome Give-aways to help spread the good word of Jack and White. 

This week we are giving away a super duper pair of our personal choice of shades, CASSETTE sunglasses, along with a signed copy of the new EP of course! 

Take a look at these, how cool would you look in these? Cool to Very cool.

So what must you do to be eligible to win? Do at least one of the following:

1.)  Post one of the followng messages/links to your twitter/facebook (or your own message, just include the link)


Facebook: (make sure like us and to tag us :)

Post or Pin the record cover along with a link

2.) Leave a comment below with your name, tell us what and where you posted! And for bonus points, let us know what your favorite track is off the EP :)

3.) Contest closes Monday night! WINNER announced Tuesday

4.) Ready.... GO!!!

PS- CD/Hardcopies are also available on our website JACKANDWHITE.COM for the old schoolers out there. As well, if you purchase the cd from our website you get a free download of our live performance of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams". Just sayin' :)


If you want to take a listen to the EP before clicking on the "buy" button just watch the youtube videos below to get a taste of full length versions of the songs from the New Undercover EP!


2.) TELEPHONE LINE (Featuring Fitz of Fitz and the Tantrums)





Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Maybe you've seen it, maybe ya haven't, but our official video for "California Dreamin" (which was originally shot for The Song That Changed My Life), was premiered yesterday at You, Me and Charlie. Watch if ya'd like, yes there is a strategically placed guitar, being over 8 months pregnant and in front of the camera is not my favorite. Nonetheless, thanks to an amazing crew, their tricky camera skillz and magic editing powers, this vid turned out nicely! 

Speaking of "The Song that Changed My Life", if you missed the Jack and White episode the first time it aired last month, no worries, it will be re-airing next Monday, May 28th on BYUtv. Pretty cool lil' show to be a part of... loved it.  If ya don't get BYUtv on your TV set, we've got ya covered, you can stream it online as well right HERE.  Cool, so maybe watch it!?

The single is also available to download now exclusively on itunes! It is the first track from our Upcoming cover EP, appropriately titled "Undercover" which will be droppin' next Tuesday, May 29th! Pretty stoked about this one, I've always wanted to release a cover record... with literally a gajillion great tunes to choose from, it was challenging to narrow down the selection, so we chose a song from each decade, starting with the 60's until our modern day. Because of it's classic legendary status, you'll noticed we decided to stay true to the original arrangement of California Dreamin' and just give it a modern polish. However, with the rest of the tunes we made liberal use of our artistic license, gave 'em a lil' spin and took them to new places. We'll see how y'all respond, it's a challenging endeavor to take a hit song and honor it's original greatness, while making it fresh... making it your own. However it was a gritty and fun challenge that we really sunk our teeth into. Been working on it  day and night for the last 2-3 months solid, which really helped this last trimester of my pregnancy kinda fly by, thankfully. We sure hope you dig it.

Anywho, there is a lil' something for everyone. Here's whatchya can expect:

60's: California Dreamin' (Mama's and the Papa's)
70's: Telephone Line with guest vox by "Fitz" of my fave, Fitz & the Tantrums (Electric Light Orchestra)
80's: Here Come's the Rain Again (Eurythmics)
90's: How's it Going to Be? (third eye blind)
2000's: Cry Me a River (Justin Timberlake)
2010's: Tighten Up (The Black Keys) 

and speaking of tightening up... here goes another contraction. gotta run...

Yay for music and babies... kinda my favorite :)

ps- one more thing, The Girls with Glasses finally got a new website! Woohoo! gonna go now.