Monday, February 14, 2011


This song reminds me of when I was just sixteen, a semi-shy junior at Heritage Academy , enrolled in beauty school part time and taking voice lessons... the second time. After my first experience with singing publicly in our high school musical "meet me in St. Louis" I decided that I should take voice lessons over the summer. My voice teacher was a classically trained vocalist, she had a high voice as clear as a bell, with steady strong vibrato and a range that spanned the piano, kind of like Christine from Phantom of the Opera. I adored her voice, I however could not manage to get my low pitched rhaspy vocalizer to produce that lovely clear tone that I dreamed of. We would practice classical tunes, and do vocal exercises "using our diaphragms". No matter how hard I tried, my voice refused to cooperate and that left me and my instructor frustrated and discouraged. I learned to dislike singing. The "shoe" just didn't fit, so I quit after my sessions were done and took a break.

The following year we had a guest voice coach come to our school to do a workshop. I decided to attend, afterwards she had talked me into signing up for just one lesson with one of her teachers, despite my previously developed anxiety attached to voice lessons. Her method of choice was "speech level" singing, which is the use of your natural voice, or basically... speaking on pitch. Sounded interesting. I remember showing up to my first lesson at a piano shop next to Skateland. I was greeted by a young twenty-something guy behind a piano in a small room, he started to play and began by teaching me a few warm-ups that felt and sounded a bit awkward. Here we go again. That's we he stopped and asked me, "have you ever heard of Carole King?". Have I ever heard of Carole King!? Of course, I was raised on Tapestry, I knew every word. He began to play those familiar piano chords of "It's too late" and said "sing it", I remember being nervous and out of breath, heart pounding, but then I started singing "stayed in bed all morning just to pass the time..." before I knew it I was belting out the chorus with my eyes closed "And it's too late baby now it's too late!" I just wanted to keep singing and singing and singing. It wasn't a fight, it wasn't a strain... it just felt right. I actually almost liked my voice. For the first time I was content with the fact that I was never gonna sing like the little mermaid. When we finished the song he asked me "so Brooke, what are you going to do with your life?" I said "I'm going to be a hairstylist, get married and be a mom". He said "I think you should re-think the hairdresser thing... I think you should think about music". Music?! Huh? The thought had never crossed my mind, but it was something to think about. Needless to say that voice lesson changed my life, I thought about it, I took his suggestion and as you all know, I never did finish beauty school. It's been complicated and wonderful, Somedays I wonder to myself "what was I thinking?!" But when you've got it within you, you do what you have to do.

Couldn't find a decent video of the original recording that would allow me to post on my blog, But I found this amazingly raw live performance. The guitar solo in this video is so good it hurts.

How about you?

PS- This post was technically supposed to be posted on Valentines Day, so Happy belated Valentines Day, hope you ate chocolate

Sunday, February 13, 2011


This video is nothing special, but the song is hot sauce. If only the radio played something this cool. So obsessed. I am pretty sure there hasn't been a day that has gone by that I haven't listened to "what's the drawback" since I was introduced to The Silver Seas back in November by my pal Emily West. I have all three of their records and practically know every word to nearly every song. I'm probably their biggest fan. I've been on a mission to convert every person I know to this band... and that my friend, includes you:)

Best line of the song "she likes the magic chords in E.L.O."... perfect.
(From their current record Chateau Revenge)

another fun tune from their previous album High society...

who do you wish you heard on the radio?

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I kinda quit top 40 radio, though occasionally I will flip past to just keep with the times and hear what five songs we are beatin' over the head with... over and over and over and over and over again, the repetition makes me wanna pull my hair out. A quick way to ruin a good song is to overplay it. That being said, as an artist it would be a golden problem that I would probably welcome. These days I've been diggin' 1o0.3 the sound, which is an independent classic rock station that plays vinyl back to front and doesn't shy away from B sides, they got all the good stuff covered, from Clapton and Elton John to ELO and Zepplin. Of course there is my trusty stand-by, K-Earth 101 that sticks with the golden oldies, although they are starting to throw 80's and early 90's songs into rotation which is kinda weird, I guess "oldies" are relative. And then there is 103.5 ............. the coast. They always do this excessively long pause inbetween "along" and "the coast", drives me nutz. They play all those soft rock hits that are "perfect for the office". I even like to check in with Hot 92 Jamz for my old school R&B fix with the Art Laboe connection, have you ever heard Art Laboe talking over the sexy hip hop beat? bizarre, i've always thought he was sort of an odd fit for the station, but a legend. If I'm near my computer or iphone then it's all about pandora... it is what radio should be, such a vast selection of tune-age, old and new, fast and slow, mainstreet and obscure, country or rock and roll, jazz or Christmas music 24/7, cinematic or fusion jazz, Sinatra or Metallica, Esperanza Spalding or Justin Bieber. Heck, even my songs are on Pandora. you want it you got it. And that's how I like my radio radio...

I could post a Katy Perry song or GAGA or that Bruno Mars song that kinda sounds like High Hopes and Heartbreak, but strangely I've had the conscious realization lately that I've been hearing this song almost every time I turn on the radio... almost thirty years later:

Layla by Derek and the Dominos. How about that guitar lick, now that's what we call in intro

How about you?


My heart will go on by Celine Dion. I used to love this song, back when Titanic hit the theaters. I actually was a massive Celine Fan as a kid, my favorite song was "if you ask me to" and "where does my heart beat now" I remember I would have to wait to get her cd's for Christmas and Birthdays, I had them all. I remember getting this record so I could listen to the song on repeat. I also had a thing for Leo, who didn't? And then I went and saw the movie... it destroyed me, watching that ship go down, knowing of course that it happened in real life... and then as if the situation wasn't bad enough there was no room for Jack on that tiny pathetic piece of wood and so rose just let him go to sink to depths of the sea... that part was pretend but still super traumatic. I couldn't think about anything else for months, couldn't sleep, couldn't handle it, nor could I handle the song any more, My heart could not go on.

I won't even watch the video below:

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This one was tough, I've been stumped for days, but the other night I was watching re-runs of the Wonder Years and "in my life" came on and struck a nerve. I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to this song... it is universal. But I'm of the sentimental kind, I often think back over my somewhat short twenty seven years thus far upon the earth, and there are "places I remember" but what I mostly reflect upon or reminisce about, are the people. I guess I've always been able to love people, a lot. It has been both my strength and my weakness. There are those people who've been easy to love, some more complicated, people with problems, the wrong people, the right people, people I've lost, people I miss, people who've changed, funny people, people I've hurt, people I've forgiven, people I've never met but have always been there (like my grandpa White that died two weeks before I was born), people that have known me for as long as I've lived, people who make me better, people who I pray I'll be stuck with forever...
"In my life, I've loved them all"
this post is sappy I know, but sincere.

How about you?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


oh boy, here we go, yep, I admit it... I'm alright with the Biebs and his sweepy bangs, and I'm a lil' bit of a sucker for this song... I know, he say's baby like fifty seven bajillion times and it's excessive, but it kinda makes me happy. And the Ludacris rap is dope. no haters.

my favorite part of the video would have to be the barrel roll across the pool table... intense.

back in my day I was CRAZY for these guys... can you even handle this video?

How about you?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh. Anybody who says they don't like this song is lying. C'mon now, don't be ashamed, lady in red is the stuff and you know it... it is deliciously cheesy romantic epic adult contemporary 80's music at it's finest. Just can't deny it. i'm completely shameless about this song, I crank it up with the windows down while driving off into the sunset...

Okay, so I had a stroke of genius recently while listening to this song, I truly believe that Kings of Leon should cover Lady in Red, it'd be super hip. I know you aren't taking me seriously right now, but just hear me out for a second, At least half of their songs talk about dancing (ie: revelry, manhattan, back down south etc.), his voice would slay it, and they could really vibe out on the guitar and create a killer bass line and groove... slam dunk, I'm telling you, I'm one hundred billion percent positive that it would be smokin'... I'm just gonna call 'em up after I post this blog and tell them to record it, pronto.

oh and finding good vids on youtube is tricky. so ridiculous... There is some super corny stuff out there... it can really ruin the song. Pretty much this was the best one I could find:

ps- maybe you really don't like lady in red, and in that case i'd like to apologize for calling you a liar

How about you?

Monday, February 7, 2011


okay, so I admit that I've been doing a lil' bit of cheating here on the last few days of the 3o day song challenge, but tonight's category was "a song by a band you hate", and to me this is kind of redundant to the "least favorite song" category... and I just don't love the "hate" thing, and if I dislike something that strongly I will probably keep it to myself, though there is nothing wrong with an honest opinion. Anywho I decided to change the category to "your favorite intro", because I'm an intro girl, i'm nuts about intros, I could even say that I often find intros to be my favorite part of the song. Some might say that the chorus is the most important part of a song, I would beg to differ, I mean yes, of course the chorus is vital to a songs structure, but if the intro doesn't beckon the listener to stay a while, you'll never even get to that chorus. Intros are all about first impressions, setting the stage, establishing the mood, invoking emotion, creating a vibe, introducing the hook, it absolutely has to grab you... and if it doesn't, then it's game over. They can be short or long, elaborate or simple, they just have to be good. You may not have ever thought that much about intros, but the next time you go to change the station, or skip a track, take note, it's likely that a crappy intro is to blame...

so, ironically, one of my favorite intros, happens to be by a band that I actually don't love... and please don't "hate" me for it, but I'm just not a huge Stones fan. That being said, the intro to "Gimme Shelter" is super intense, groovy for sure , and it is by far my favorite part of the whole song...

Another one that gets me:

I could think of a million intros

You are welcome to adhere to the original category, or you can contribute your favorite intro...

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Again, there is a serious tie going on here in this category... favorite bands would include: Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Beach Boys, E.L.O, America and of course the Beatles. I'm going to break the rules and pick a song from each band. Yes I like new bands, but I love old ones. I know, I was born in the wrong decade...

Fleetwood Mac: Gypsy
Stevie Nicks voice is so distinct here, in full effect. Love it or hate it, you always know it's her... personally, I love it. If I could be in a band today, it would sound like this one...

Eagles: One of these nights
I'm pretty sure I listen to this song every time I drive, I just don't get sick of it, it's them guitars. The eagles invented California Country. My genre of choice.

Beach Boys: Good Vibrations
hooked from .01 seconds in. Summer time magic. This is it... let's go to the beach people

ELO: Telephone Line
maybe the most highly underrated band there ever was. Jeff Lynne is a genius. A kajillion amazing songs. The creativity of these productions just blow my mind big time. you don't even understand... (oh and turn up the volume on this one, quiet intro)

America: Ventura Highway
big song, remember when Janet Jackson sampled this on "someone to call my lover", c'mon now... you just can't beat that guitar hook. I love the b-sides even more, though they are hard to find.

Beatles: Let it Be

How about you?

PS- so sorry I fell behind on the song challenge, a real real busy weekend. Just crazy... but we're back in business

Saturday, February 5, 2011

DAY 10: A SONG THAT MAKES YOU FALL ASLEEP... (in a good way)

good night you moonlight ladies, rock-a-bye my sweet baby james... deep greens and blues are the colors I choose, won't you let me go down in my dreams, and rock-a- bye sweet baby james...

watch this too... you can close your eyes

Runner's up:

How about you?

P.S.- Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Oh believe me... i love to break it down, boogie, shake it, disco, twist and shout and with out shame like nobodies watching... and yes I know i don't look the super coolest when I dance, (why do you think I sit behind a piano or guitar when I sing), but, Dave Ray CPA does, as a matter of fact he is the better dancer between the two of us. He's got skillz... and actually taught swing dancing while he was in college... he has attempted to teach me a few moves "and right, left, step ball change" He leads, I try to follow... until he gets all fancy and I can't keep up. We like to swing dance in the living room to 'baby you've got what it takes" by Dinah Washington & Brook Benton. Pretty fun...

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Contrary to popular belief, I actually know every word to this song... unfortunately amnesia struck at a rather inconvenient time...
I was devastated... embarrassed... certain i was doomed... but I survived. stuff happens.
i'll never live it down. might as well laugh about it...

How about you?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


You may or may not have heard this song on youtube, but I wrote it a while back, in my days before idol and performed it at the Key Club in Hollywood for the Star 98.7 Rockstar contest to win a record deal with Ironworks Records... ironically, I made it to the top five, but didn't win. Bummer, plan B... a few days later I was on a plane to Philadelphia to catch the last audition for American Idol season 7... long story short, I got a golden ticket to hollywood. I made it to the top 5 but didn't win... but definitely didn't lose. The rest is history...

Anywho, I'm working on the next album, but it's gonna take a little while, so in the meantime I thought that it would be sort of fun to give away this little acoustic version of "Say Goodbye" to ya... I've actually had a lot of people ask me if I was ever going to release this song, so here ya go! All you have to do is click on the links or picture below, follow the directions and then post the link on your twitter or facebook, and then it magically uploads to your itunes... Yay!




still wanna hear your songs that remind you of an event!?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The song would be THE WEIGHT, and the somewhere would be a tour bus. It was the west coast tour with my pals Michael Johns and Benton Paul. It was me and nine other dudes. Needless to say I was outnumbered by these lovely and yet smelly lads. I was the lone lady armed with cans of febreeze and christmas candles trying to de-odorize our house on wheels. There is very little personal space on a bus, the quarters become tighter with each passing day, however if you ever need to get away you can always go hide into the 3x6ish ft bunk bed that becomes your sanctuary. But in the heart of the bus is the main cabin, the living room and the fridge, it's where all the excitement happens, where everyone congregates while we'd drive for hours to the next gig. Most of the time you would find us all piled on the couches, while I would lay in the middle of the floor with my blanket, we would watch concert DVD's like Led Zepplin and Joe Cocker, but the one that got the most airtime was "THE LAST WALTZ" by The band. Mornings were my favorite, they were peaceful and quiet in the main cabin, I'd vacuum and febreeze, lay on the couch with my bowl of cereal and watch the scenery like moving pictures out the open window, while you'd find the dudes passed out in their bunks, sleeping in until as late as sometimes 3 in the afternoon. You'll often times hear touring musicians say that they sleep like a baby on the bus, the hum of the engine, the rumble of the wheels rolling over the uneven pavement, the dark as a coffin bunks a 63 freezing degrees. I on the other hand, have the opposite effect, I become an insomniac as the bus becomes a place of the night life, late after the gigs mike and the band loved to stay up until the early hours of the morning and have a few beverages. My friends tell me that I'm somewhat of a wet blanket ( but a semi-fun wet blanket) cause I like to be in my jammies and snuggled under the covers nice and early. Benton was also a mellow fellow , he had his office in the back. The first three nights of the tour I lied in my bunk wide awake, while "Take a load off Anny, take a load for free" was blaring through the bus over and over and over again, I thought I was going to loose my mind. I hopped out of bunk and groggily opened the door to find the party animals, the guys all stopped in their tracks and the ring leader Michael Johns said "sorry brooke white". Ah well, they were having fun, so I went back to bed and heard "the weight" a least 34 more times, It will always remind me of that stinky awesome tour bus. Levon Rules, and the gal that sings back up is my favorite part.