Monday, December 7, 2009


My moms dad, my grandfather... Gary Purviance, is one funny older guy (see picture: with very long legs, which I did not inherit:( bummer), and the best part is, he doesn't even know he's funny, nothing forced or contrived about him. He is pure entertainment, I literally follow him around with the flip camera... wouldn't want to miss out on a single one of his comedic gems. He spends a lot more time with the family these days and I don't mind at all, he has a good heart and keeps us laughing... I love the guy.

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  1. ahhh i just found your blog and i had to say it made me smile to see this post! i love your grandfather! he was in my ward when my husband and i first got married. then, when we moved to a neighboring city into a house, he happened to work for the county and was a guy to contact about stuff. he would come in to where my husband worked occasionally. it made my day to hear about it. next time you talk to him tell him troy and christina pettit say hi and we miss him!