Tuesday, April 13, 2010


New project, I love projects, I live for projects, especially this project... The Girls with Glasses Show. I'm sure y'all have heard a little about this by now... but long story kinda short, about five months ago, I finally gave into the nagging impression to call my friend Summer Bellessa, an impression that I'd had for several months but shrugged off. This time, I picked up the phone and dialed her number, she answered, we decided to meet for breakfast the next day. You're wondering, who is this Summer Bellessa? She is a fabulous person that I became friends with on myspace way back when... back then, she had a small dress line and this perfect little black dress that I just had to have, looking back, I never got one, sold out. However we began to correspond about music and fashion and other related topics. Since then she has started the most beautiful and classy quarterly high fashion magazine "Eliza" in which she was so kind to put me on the cover after my run on American Idol.

So there we were, catching up over delicious belgium waffles at IHOP, discussing, relating and venting about all of our creative challenges of being an indie singer-songwriter working to sustain in the post idol world and a fashion magazine editor trying to keep her magazine alive, what would be the fate of our struggling yet surviving careers? We talked about our supportive spouses, about hopes of family and potential motherhood... the desire to have it all, to experience the fullness of potential. How do you make it happen, can it happen? That's when a stroke of genius came upon us. An answer? not really, but an idea, yes! We both happened to be wearing our glasses that day... often times you would find us both in contacts (though we have both been four eyed since grade school)... thats when the idea was born, The Girls with Glasses Show.

The Girls with Glasses is all about a fresh perspective, the smart girls talk show... and yet not sooo serious. Quirky even. We got to talking about the kind of show we wanted to watch, the kind of show our friends would want to watch... the show that just didn't seem to quite exist... yet. It just seemed like the kind of idea we could sink our teeth into. Ever since we have quietly but earnestly been working to bring this show to life. Summer's husband had a camera, we wrote a theme song, we started reaching out to the most creative people we know and love, adding their brilliance and energy, and before we knew it, we'd started something that seems unstoppable, taking on a life of it's own. And what's it all about? That's easy, all the stuff that we know about, the stuff that interests gals like you and me (oh and guys, we welcome you too!) ... music, fashion, art, books, food and all the little quirks that keep life interesting and funny... oh and incorporating a the new world of blog and internet culture. We're ready to get sifting through the manajary of this and that and bring the best to the surface for you to enjoy... that's what we're doing anyway! Cause isn't that what it's about... finding joy amongst the challenge? Get on your glasses, even if you don't wear 'em. We wanna help you see all the good stuff, that's right in front of you:)

We've only just begun.

Watch this adorable stop motion video that would not have come to life with out the genius camera work of Angela Kohler, the wardrobe styling of Sunshine & Sarah, hair creations of Nikki Providence and faces made lovely by Rachel DeSimone, prop assistance and other random help by Kerry Bellessa... oh and the cuteness of Famous the dog:)


  1. This is an amazing idea and an equally amazing theme song. I love it! Can't wait to see your first episode.

  2. I'm kind of {overly} excited about this. SO my style!

    I randomly found your Girls with Glasses website, and then blogged about it, hopped over to your website, and discovered that you have a BLOG! Yessss.

    I can't wait to read more, see more, hear more... bring it, sistah ;)

  3. I truly cannot wait to see more of this! I just found out about the Girls with Glasses show yesterday and have not been able to stop thinking about it. Please keep up the good, charming work! And if you girls ever need some pretty illustrations I hope you think of me! :)

  4. This is so cutesy. It has the potential to surpass Gilmore Girls' place in my heart. This is big!! :) I am so excited. Brooke, I am so glad you are true to yourself - you are such a role model for young women like me!! Thanks!!