Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yesterday something happened here in Toronto... Fall. It was almost as if a giant gust of wind decided on an impulse to just roll on through and blow summer away. Kinda makes me sad, cause I am such a summer lover, with long sunny days, the beach boys, warm sandy beaches and watermelon. But of course, with every passing year, especially this year, it came and went in such a flash. Wait, don't go...

That being said, I am also a fan of Fall, here are a few reasons why:

SOUP: Chicken Tortilla, Tomato (perfectly paired with a grilled cheese sandwich of course, one of the only sandwiches I do), butternut squash, creamy chicken noodle, clam chowder in a bread bowl, vegetable stew in the crock pot or how about mom's halloween chili with marie calenders corn bread. Soup is the stuff... warm, comforting, semi-healthy and delicious. mmm.

GOODBYE SHORTS: My legs are white... really, really white, and bright, kinda like glow sticks... I don't tan, I burn, therefore I am not all that jazzed about wearing shorts, however it is hot outside, so I spend the majority of the summer trying to fake a tan, which is quite high maintenance, expensive and generally leaves me with streaky orange oompa loompa feet, that just don't really scream "natural" ya know... and believe me, I love oompa loompas on Willy Wonka, just not on my feet. So what I am trying to say is, with the weather getting cooler, I can finally put my ghosty legs in some pants and call it a day. Oh and tights to wear under dresses and skirts at church. And in my opintion, "tights" are different then "pantyhose"... "pantyhose" are torture , "Tights" are at least fashionable... especially the ones you'd find at Anthropologie. Even the word "Pantyhose" is kinda uncomfortable.
(Question: how do you feel about the jegging?)

SCARVES: My scarf collection is getting a little out of hand... I just can't get enough. Every time I walk into H&M, I walk out with with a new scarf. Whether it's light and lineny, or soft chunky yarn in a bright yellow, I find scarves to be the perfect accessory to add to almost any look, next to the hat of course. I especially love the loop scarf, found the perfect grey one with a monochromatic zebra stripe pattern at Urban Outfitters last year, can't wait to wear it again!

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: I don't even go to school anymore, but sometimes I wish I still did, just so I could go buy some fancy new school supplies. Nothing excites me more then when the stores stock up on school supplies, Binders, Pencils, Dividers, Notebook paper, Pen Pouches, folders, and of course... sharpies!! Hooray!

SEASON PREMIERS: Summer is a bummer when it comes to TV, there just isn't much to watch except for re-runs of all my favorite shows. There is the few exceptions like Design Star and So you Think You Can Dance (speaking of, how did you feel about the new format? I'm not sure I love it) But I am so excited to get back to my Thursday night comedy line up, I've got my DVR set...30 Rock is like a dose of happy medicine. Also, Friday Night Lights, one more season... man I love that show... and Tim Riggins.

FALL WREATH: Wreaths are joy hanging on the front door. Dave just doesn't get my need to change the wreath for every season and holiday... DAVE: "Why do we need another wreath, I thought we already had a wreath", there are some things that dudes will never understand, and I am pretty sure that "wreaths" are one of them. Occasionally I like to get crafty and make one if I have the time, which is rare these days. But a trip to Michael's, a Martha Stewart how-to magazine, and the hot glue gun plugged in always gives me a bit of a rush. Oh and the fake flowers change in my flower pots too, to coordinate with said wreath.

PUMPKIN CUPCAKES: From Big Sugar... Don't really need to explain this one.

UGGS: Yeah, I always said that i'd never jump on the Ugg Bandwagon, as I would see gals in tank tops and cut off shorts and uggs... to each her own, I just didn't understand the logic behind it. Never say never, once you slip your foot into an Ugg boot, you believe. I believe in their ability to make my feet feel like they are walking on warm fluffy clouds. Really, All boots are good, short boots, tall boots, cowboy boots, vintage thrift store boots. Well this is the time of year that stores have got boots coming out of their ears. I am saving up my money to buy a pair of Fry boots this year.

So that is what I like about Fall... What about you?


  1. Fall (my favourite of the seasons) is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. I love everything about the season - the chilly weather, the changing foliage, the hip new styles, the back-to-school retail extravaganzas, television premieres, and the return of spices such as pumpkin and cinnamon in the coffee shops. I'll surely miss the laid-back and cheerful days of summer, but I'm also eagerly anticipating the arrival of Autumn!

    (As for jeggings, I quite like them! They look great when paired with an oversized sweater and flats or boots)

  2. Brooke!!! i LOVE school supplies,too:) I also love scarves and any kind of boots! I think Fall is wonderful! it's my favorite season! i love all of the colorful leaves, the comfy clothes, the chill of the air and the smell of bonfires! i love halloween and candy and goofy halloween kid movies (not scary movies). i think fall is magical!

  3. Buying new school supplies is the only good thing about school starting up again so of course that would it one of the most enjoyable things about fall. And I have been saving up my money to buy a really cute pair of boots this fall. I just haven't decided what kind yet.

  4. I've lived in New England all my life. I love the four seasons. There are good and bad for each season but overall they are wonderful. Fall is a beautiful season with the leaves turning colors and the mixture of warm and cold days. Apple Cider and football. I do not know what jeggings are. :)

  5. i love so much of what you just said. amen, sister. now i'm craving a giant bowl of soup and grilled cheese, thursday night television, and even more scarves (what's ONE more?).

    i am also obsessed with school supplies. even though i haven't been a student for quite a while - i love new supplies. love. love. love.

  6. I love living in Hawaii, but it's really summer year round. I love visiting places where the leaves change colors and you can fill that crispness in the air. I would love to wear me some Uggs, but it would be a tank top and shorts with Uggs. Not my kind of thing!

  7. I agree with all the subtopics you covered - pumpkin everything and soups especially! I've had my eye on Frye boots for some time now - which ones are you thinking of?

  8. hahah! Jeggings. i think it takes the right person to pull them off. skinny mostly. so i'm sure they look good on you! i tried on like 3-4 pair a few weeks ago and they just dont flatter me! AHHH. i'll stick to my regular leggings & regular jeans i guess. boo. but can it PLEASE cool down here in AZ?! please. oh mike would sure love to be in toronto (thats where he served his mission & where his momma is from)

  9. Pantyhose are the sexiest article of clothing a woman can wear.I wish women could understand this.

  10. Fall is here? Haha. Summer temperatures weren't that warm unfortunately, for a few weeks!
    Summer is great, worked too much tho, and now fall is here. 19 credits of school is almost more than I can chew. But I'm taking off work and ready to get started woo!
    *minor exception: I do not care for math too much. No. I will try to survive. :)

  11. Pantyhose and tights are sexy. Bare legs are blah. Boo to fake tans too!

  12. i knew you were a believer. I could smell it. Yeah, I'm a bit weird sorry. I will definitely stop following you if you want :).

    ha ha

    Aside from the creepy comments I really love fall. I categorize fall/winter and spring/summer into the same categories. Cool vs. Warm. Fall dominates in the cool area and Summer dominates in the warm area. Making sense?
    no. K i'll keep going.

    I love how the streets of IRVINE are lined with purple leaves for a few weeks. How when I wake up the air fills thicker like God added non-dairy creamer to it. I love how I can wear my winter and summer clothes during fall and How I had a dream 3 nights ago about how to wear scarves and now I can finally wear one with confidence this fall. I love pumpkin patches not because I go to them but because I really really love orange accents lining the streets. I love the leaves changing. Pretending I'm a poet in the 60's when I sit at the local coffee shop sipping espresso and studying my bible or writing in my journal.

    i love my life and fall is just an amazing type of cherry!

    Thanks for sharing lovE!


  13. Hi,
    I love your music. I have your CD, and I love to listen to it! I can never stop! I like fall because it is just more....... colorful. Try to check out my blog!

  14. Brooke... I think you're awesome. Hope your days are great!

  15. Brooke, I'm totally with you on the school supplies and the white legs. I'm so grateful for a husband who tells me he likes the white. I always felt bad about it growing up. I think I'm finally ok with my whiteness.
    Love cool tights too. Though I do like nylons (I think the term pantyhose isn't as nice as nylons) Nylons make me feel professional and grown up.
    Jeggings? I saw those at the store and I thought what? some things should not be combined.
    I am glad your going to blog this month. Hope to hear more about the tv show you were doing.