Sunday, February 6, 2011


Again, there is a serious tie going on here in this category... favorite bands would include: Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Beach Boys, E.L.O, America and of course the Beatles. I'm going to break the rules and pick a song from each band. Yes I like new bands, but I love old ones. I know, I was born in the wrong decade...

Fleetwood Mac: Gypsy
Stevie Nicks voice is so distinct here, in full effect. Love it or hate it, you always know it's her... personally, I love it. If I could be in a band today, it would sound like this one...

Eagles: One of these nights
I'm pretty sure I listen to this song every time I drive, I just don't get sick of it, it's them guitars. The eagles invented California Country. My genre of choice.

Beach Boys: Good Vibrations
hooked from .01 seconds in. Summer time magic. This is it... let's go to the beach people

ELO: Telephone Line
maybe the most highly underrated band there ever was. Jeff Lynne is a genius. A kajillion amazing songs. The creativity of these productions just blow my mind big time. you don't even understand... (oh and turn up the volume on this one, quiet intro)

America: Ventura Highway
big song, remember when Janet Jackson sampled this on "someone to call my lover", c'mon now... you just can't beat that guitar hook. I love the b-sides even more, though they are hard to find.

Beatles: Let it Be

How about you?

PS- so sorry I fell behind on the song challenge, a real real busy weekend. Just crazy... but we're back in business


  1. fair.
    i should have done that, too.

    great choices, btw.

  2. The first time I saw you singing was when you did the version of Let it be in American Idol. I just fall in love with the way you sang it, so beautiful.

  3. ah, i just started mine.. just finished posting day 2..
    so anyway, my fave band is westlife (sorry.. :p grew up listening to lots of boybands) my fave song from them is: Why Do I Love You :)

  4. I also like the same Bands as Brooke plus "CCR" Bad Moon Rising, "Chicago" Colour My World,"The Dave Clark Five" Because "The Doobie Brothers" China Grove & "Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons" Sherry

  5. I agree with all of the above. I tend to like older music too so I'll say almost any song by Dion and the Belmonts (Where or When, Runaround Sue). I also like the country band The Mavericks who've got a lot of 60's sounding songs and upbeat tunes like "All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down" (upbeat despite the title). I'll also throw in "I Thought I Saw Your Face Today" from She and Him Vol. 1 (a great album from beginning to end).

  6. You are so right about ELO. Their catalog is just so amazing.

    By the way, there are rumors that the Beach Boys are going to be FINALLY releasing the original version of their Smile album sometime in the spring.

  7. I love the bands you chose with some different songs being my favorites from each band. Also how to choose a single favorite? I saw ELO at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in 1973 or so. I am sure it was the ELO phenomenal version of "Roll Over Beethoven" that got me there.

    I am changing what I posted on my blog at to a Gary Moore tune in honor of his legacy of great work. Gary died today on vacation in Spain and is one of the best of the Irish blues/rock/jazz guitarists & vocalists.
    link above tells some of the story, basically at 58 he had a heart attack. "I Still Got The Blues" is my favorite of his solo songs;

  8. Thanks for breaking the rules... Your band(s) Fleetwood Mac (early one, pre Nicks/Buckingham) Sentimental Lady (like Bob Welch solo mix, but original Bare Trees version is pleasant)... Eagles (much harder to pick one or even ten) two songs Get Over It off Hell Freezes Over and Already Gone off On The Border... Beach Boys (one song? really? no way!) would be the #1 greatest Christmas album of all time and, uhhhhh can't do it need three Girl Don't Tell Me, Breakaway and In My Room, and Surfer Moon and Surfer Girl and okay I'll pick Don't Worry Baby... ELO (great band, but this one is easier) Tightrope... America Sister Golden Hair reminds me Mitzi, Terilynn and even you Brooke... Beatles (one song... yeah right!) Imagine (yeah solo) is the greatest of them all, Twist N' Shout or Hold Your Hand something you cannot resist dancing to, and the Clapton penned collaboration While My Guitar Gently Weeps...

    Now two of my bedroom walls in high school dedicated to Chicago... starts with Introduction off the first album (2 records) and side one there would be the best ever... of course Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon (II) (the whole thing, not the chopped AM version hits... Critic's Choice (VI)... We Can Stop The Hurtin' (XVIII)... not the same without Kath and less without Cetera... but Lamm on vocals and the best of their lyrics...

    Okay not current, but certainly needs mention under bands is Iron Dildo (Steely Dan)... can I just pick Aja as one long riff? or a Fagan solo effort Walk Between Raindrops? Cousin Dupree? Don't Take Me Alive? oh all right... Doctor Wu... and The Fez... and Bodhisattva

    More currently though, Barenaked Ladies... Enid is so catchy... but I love it all... Steven Page solo work...

    And because most my favorite music has female leads (Heart, Dixie Chicks, She and Him, Ingrid Michaelson, Basia Balat, Bond (no vocals))... Song from favorite band would be the vastly unappreciated and underplayed Corrs and their best song (among so many) is Intimacy.

  9. Beatles of course--love "In My Life","Good Day Sunshine", "Here, There, and Everywhere", "Got to Get You into My Life" and on and on (Rubber Soul,Revolver two favorite Beatle albums).
    Can't leave out Eagles "Heartache Tonight".

    Mamas and the Papas "California Dreamin",

    Peter, Paul and Mary "If I had a Hammer".

    Chicago is great, we went to their concert a couple years ago at an outdoor venue near Seattle.
    I love Irish music and Gaelic Storm is a great band-such as "Hills of Connemara", "Tell me Ma", etc.
    I like Cajun music, too-LaFleur et Basile are great-"Pine Grove Blues", etc. Just throwing in this song, too- "Sweet Home Alabama".

    It is too hard to limit it to one!

    Brooke, this is so fun-going down memory lane-thank you for doing this.
    (From Susie/Nantucketbreeze)

  10. My favourite band is the Beatles, but I cannot for the life of me choose only ONE favourite song by them.

    The ones at the top of my list are "Across The Universe", "Let It Be", "Come Together", "Oh! Darling", "All You Need Is Love", "Something" - ah, I better stop now! lol