Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I heard this song called 1957 by Milo Greene on the looooong drive home from the studio to my new crib the other night. So apparently 98.7 now does this lil' show at night called "close to home" where they play cool music... this song caught my ear, and i'm bummed that I can't buy it on itunes yet. but you can listen to it right here on the youtube. you'll like it i'm pretty sure...

And truly I need to blog about my new duo/band/collaboration called JACK AND WHITE, kinda like black and white. I was set up on a co-write with this feller named Jack Matranga, we started writing songs a few months back for my solo record, and they were very good songs, but they just sounded like they needed to be their own songs for their own thing, so we went into the studio with our amazing pal Dansel, and that thing became GEMINI, a six song EP filled with adventure songs that have lots of hearty heart and guitar vibey-ness and dreamy harmonies, probably the most modern sounding thing i've been a part of to date, that will be released in July by JACK AND WHITE on June Baby Records. JUST CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO HEAR IT! New music is the greatest... the super awesome picture below was taken by the super awesome Trever Hoehne . Trever we love ya...

Oh and Also me and the Davester moved, to a far away-ish land from the NUYS, after 7 eventful and crazy years in the Nuys it was time to say our goodbyes. The people will be missed A LOT, the place maybe a little. Happy for a new adventure. This also deserves it's own post. We bought a fixer-up that I fell in love with the moment I stepped in the door which is gonna gift us a lifetime of projects, but I live for projects so that makes me happy, dave not quite as happy, but he's being a good sport and starting to see the diamond in the rough, fun stuff. Let me tell you there was TEAL STUCCO inside from floor to ceiling, well not the floors, but the walls were just covered in this crap! Seriously, but it's all gone now, and we are muchos glad. We are sleeping on an air mattress in a sea of sawdust, we are with out a refrigerator and clean clothes BUT I do have a new old lil' baby grand piano in the living room called the Sarg that I have been waiting for, been piano-less for three years, and I can't stop playing it. I am happy, I am very grateful. and I am tired and I am practicing my brains out cause I have seven shows this month. I'm growing up I think, a little scared about it, I feel it all, I'm alive and I mostly really love it.

PS- do you do pinterest? Man it's dangerous.

PSS- Girls with Glasses show is also kickin. more to come...

PSSS- If ya live in Provo, UT, Rexburg, ID, Lakeforest, CA or Echo Park, CA... come see me/J+W play.
I'll post the details in just a bit


  1. just bought tix to your show next weekend in Provo. totes stoked!!

  2. Bought tix for Provo :). I can't wait!

  3. Girl! We are so excited. I can't wait to hear the Gemini tracks. Hurry and come play here in Sac :)

  4. Ooh, yeah, I liked that song. Thanks.

  5. Brooke,
    It was super great to meet you on Friday night at the Team Davy concert! You were awesome! Such amazing Talent!

  6. We bought a House that needed extensive fixing. Both my wife and I could see the potential. I became a General Contractor along with becoming a Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber and Mason and my wife the painter, decorator, cleaner-upper and overall Boss. Short story, the house was completely remodeled and expanded and is a finished product (as much as a house can be a finished product). We were very lucky because the value has increased over 16 times what we paid for it, even in a bad economy.

  7. Oh, Brookie. (: I can't wait to hear your new stuff. I also love the Girls with Glasses show.

  8. LOVE that song!!!!

    can't wait for your collaboration project!

  9. Saw you in Provo last night! I'm so sad i didn't meet you... :(. Grrrr, hahaha. You were amazing though!!
    "WATER!!!" hahahaa. (The guy behind me)