Sunday, October 9, 2011


photo by trever hoehne
I will FINALLY be home for more then 2 consecutive days in a row! September into October has been beyond busy promoting Gemini with my band JACK AND WHITE, singing my voice silly here there and everywhere, and gratefully and yet exhaustingly so. However I am stationary for the next week (woohoo) which means I will finally get a chance to take all of these posts flying around in my noggin and get them down on this here blog. So lot's of updating in the month of October: thoughts on authenticity,  my (limited) advice to aspiring singers and artists (as promised), perhaps my very own first ever fashion post, I think there may even be a give-way and... I'm thinking about a hair how-to video... we'll see. I'm infamous for biting off more then I can chew, and I shouldn't over promise and under deliver, but I always say, that saying things out loud make you accountable, so now it's out there... ahhh... I'll do my best.

PS- the photo to the left is from a recent shoot for The Girls with Glasses show with super talented and handsome photographer Trever Hoehne, (he's also happens to be responsible for the Jack and White record cover photo). GWG are gearing up for a load of videos and a fresh little make-over over at our blog and website, excited to reveal it all to in the next few months... stayed tuned!

Oh and PSS- here is a sweet new music video for our song "Double Trouble" directed by none other then the fabulous and wonderful Summer Bellessa, one of my dearest bestest friends and fellow girl with glasses, as well as the editor for the prettiest magazine known as Eliza that you should definitely check out. Her style and pizazz is all over the place here and also makes her directing debut and does so very well in my opinion! Thanks Summ!

Une Deux Trois Hey...

and now, time for a sunday nap... happy sabbath! 


  1. I really like the video. Your wardrobe is ridiculous and lovely :).


  2. So freaking cute miss Brooke!! Loved the video so much. I loved your eyes too...they popped with color! :-) glad you will be blogging more!

  3. I love this video, I've been listening to your songs non stop since I first heard them!

  4. Such a fun video, and I love that photo of you!

  5. LOVE the video, especially the styling!