Saturday, December 14, 2013

2nd Day of BWC: Barn Owl Primitives and My Christmas Living Room

On the second day of Christmas, Brooke White gave to me (you).... A Barnowl Primitives sign!

I am excited to give you a little looksies into my Christmas living room. As a kid, the most magical day of the year is when we would put up our Christmas tree and my dad would get out the "christmas boxes" from the attic with all of our decorations. We would blast Carpenter's Christmas and Beach Boy's Christmas while we hung ornaments, strung lights, and went wild turning the house into a little piece of holiday heaven. Now that I am grown up with a little kid of my own, I'm still obsessed with these traditions, if not more so! Real trees are a must, as well as a collection of fake trees that I buy on super clearance after Christmas every year. I have five trees this year, Dave thinks it's a tad excessive, I say there's no such thing, can you have to many Christmas trees? Too much Christmas spirit? um, not possible.

Of course it takes me all of December to put it all together with boxes open and strewn about the house (not shown: we pushed them into the dining room aka "the disaster zone" for this picture). It never gets finished with the hustle and bustle of the crazy time of year. Nonetheless, I try, actually I love that it's never finished, I love chipping away at it, one little decoration at a time. 

One thing I love to do is find little pieces of art to hang on the walls during Christmas, however I'm pretty particular, it can be kind of hard to find something not super cheezeball, and the good stuff can be a little expensive for just a month or two. Most of the times I just make something out of a huge canvas or an old piece of plywood. But this year my awesome friend Kristi of Barn Owl Primitives surprised me with this amazing Christmas sign and I was so excited!!! As you can tell I have a thing for black and white, and with the little dash of red for Rudolph's nose, it was just the perfect fit for my space. Seriously, made for eachother.  

Kristi was kind enough to join in my giveaway and is going to give one of these happy signs away!

Here's what you do to Win:
1.  Repost the above picture on Instagram -OR- a picture of your Christmas living room or any room of your house that is your favorite festive space.

2.  Follow @barnowlprimitives and @realbrookewhite on Instagram

3.  You must tag #2DayofBrookeWhiteChristmas

4.  For an extra entry to win you can pin a picture from this post on pinterest. Leave me a comment with the link.

Winner will be drawn randomly and announced tomorrow! 
I wish it could stay Christmas in my living room all year long
the tree... short and sweet
it's a small world garland! Found these little ornaments from target, just sewed their mittens together! 
Dancing with my Loo in our Christmas living room to Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas! 
Nothing more Christmasy than a roaring fire on a 72 degree day! lol.
My new paintings on the wall finally! And that big 'ol pom pom hat, a DIY here

Oh and I almost forgot! The winner of the 2 tickets to my show is: @kezonfire Keziah send an email to for your tickets!! woohoo!


  1. I love your Christmas decorations!! I always look forward to your fabulous posts.

    Also tried entering for the sign and I tried to pin but it tells me nothing is pinnable on this page.

    1. So wierd! It appears it did that for someone else as well, for some reason it's still working on my end, not sure why it;s doing that! Thanks for trying anywho, and I will count ya in :)

  2. Your garland is so very sweet and creative :) Thank you for sharing the idea and your colorful decor! I tried to pin a pic on the site, but received the message "Sorry, couldn't find any pinnacle things on page." I saved an image and will try to pin that instead, I will add #2DayofBrookeWhiteChristmas

    1. so bizarre! I just tried and it worked for me, sorry about that! Thanks for trying and for your kind words :)

  3. I pinned your giveaway here...

    I just found your website and Instagram! I love your Christmas decorations! So glad I found you :)

  4. I love your Christmas decorations- so cozy and perfect!! I also love your curtains- can I ask where you got these?

  5. I now follow you on Instagram! Yay!

  6. I'm following Barnowlprimitives on Instagram....

  7. I pinned your living room at Love it!

  8. Your decorations are so cute!

  9. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
    Bring you Good wishes of happiness.

    Sorry for greeting you earlier,, just don't want miss saying this.
    By the way, I'm prima. It's my first time visiting your blog. I am blogger

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  10. sooooooooooooo cute!!
    merry christmas!

  11. Shared on Pinterest! Love your small tree!

  12. Shared on Pinterest!

  13. I could just die over those paintings.... SWOONNNN

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