Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I don't know what happened to me in the last 365 days... but this year I've developed a thriving passion and appetite for cupcakes. I mean I've always liked them, who doesn't? Anywho my general appreciation of cupcakes has transformed from casual cupcake eater to straight up cupcake-aholic. In my travels I will ofen use my "around me" app to find the nearest bakery or cupcake shop and then walk a mile, sometimes two to get myself a dang cupcake. Perhaps at this point I am searching for the worlds... (or at least the nations) best cupcake.

I would argue, that I have already found it, and it's basically in my backyard (Studio City). Now taste is absolutely subjective, but I would challenge anyone to find a finer cupcake then the those found at Big Sugar Bakery. And let me tell you why... unlike many other fancy cupcake shops, Big Sugar keeps it classic, simple and not overdone... for instance, the ratio of cupcake to frosting is absolutely perfect and balanced. In my opinion, an overwhelmingly massive glob of frosting can most definitely ruin the experience... if I see a castle of frosting on top of the cupcake, you can be sure that I am going to have to bulldoze it with a napkin and throw the excess in the trash... really that much frosting is just a waste and completely unnecessary. Big Sugar understands that while cupcakes should look good, they should taste taste good too... in fact they should taste even better then they look, and they do. Honest to goodness, take one singular joyous bite out of a big sugar cupcake and you'll find yourself wondering if that is what it would taste like if you just took a bite into a fluffy cloud, a delicious red velvet cloud, (or chocolate or vanilla cloud) made of the lightest and freshest cake, topped with frosting that was delivered on the wings of angel babies from heaven. I'm dramatic yes, but lie to you I could not, it's the truth, and when one discovers truth that makes life a little sweeter, that truth is meant to be shared. amen.


  1. Brooke, When are you going to write and record a song about your obsession with cupcakes?! :)

  2. have you seen our CUPCAKE t-shirts?? would love to send you one--you would ROCK it :)