Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I think it might be safe to peg L.A. the dog capital of the world. In my six years of living here, I've tried to understand why people are so obsessed with their dogs. I mean don't get me wrong, I love dogs, we had them growing up... when Shadow died in the fifth grade it shattered me, and then we had Shaq, a very large friendly dog that we rescued from the shelter, he jumped on the trampoline with us, and when we went to get our family portrait we thought it would be a good idea to bring him along to be in the photo... until he decided he needed to go potty and hosed down the back drop. When he passed away we were all deeply saddened. Point being, we truly loved our dogs, but they did not wear juicy couture or eat a special vegan diet, then again nor did we humans:). They were our backyard playmates that were generally not allowed in the house, but we brushed there shiny coats, refilled the water bucket and fed them dog food. However since I've moved out, and we have our own home in California, we have yet to own a dog, or have really felt a strong desire to have a dog...

And then Roxy came along... oh and she is so much more than a dog, she is nearly a person. I love her, and whenever I go "home" to Arizona to visit the fam, she kills me with her cuteness. She is a princess and she kinda knows it. My brother posted this unbelievably awesome video of her doing the "Thriller" dance, I'm telling you... she's special. She is adored in the White House, for obvious reasons of course. She even gets to come inside... she is hypoallergenic:)

As well, while we were on the road for the west coast tour, my tour mate Michael Johns brought along his little pup "David Puddy" for a few days. Puddy is a French Bull Dog, and he's also a little lover. One night after a particularly rough show, I went back on the bus to have a few quiet moments to feel sorry for myself and get over it... and then here comes David Puddy, he hopped up on the seat and crawled right into my lap, licked my face and laid his head on my tummy. I was so overcome with his sensitivity towards me... he just, knew. There is a reason that they have taken on the title of "man's best friend". I am gone, a lot... and taking care of a dog involves a decent load of responsibility, but I dunno... I think I want a dog. I think even Dave is considering... we'll see:)

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