Monday, April 1, 2013


Easter was quite happy. A rainy Sunday, a peaceful morning at church, a couple of simple Easter baskets, shish kabobs with a few kind friends and a whole lot of our Londy Loo. It was so fun to give her her first Easter basket and watch her dump all of it's contents on the floor... bubbles,  a book about Jesus, her own pretend smart phone and of course a little chocolate bunny. Dave found me a striped floppy hat and filled it with reeses peanut butter eggs, pretty cute and clever if you ask me. I gave him a small wooden box filled with a pink plaid Tie, a new mix CD for his car, a few cadbury filled eggs, and a handful of cutie oranges... he's done a lot of changing to his lifestyle and eating habits, so I had to go easy on the sweets. I hope I don't embarrass him by mentioning that he's lost 24 lbs and counting, He's practically a new man. Super proud of him.

Dressing up our little lady was fun, I found a yellow dress (it had a neon flower on it, but I took the seam ripper to it and got rid of it) and this over the top headband at Target late on Saturday night of course. She looked like a lil' flower child, I took nearly a million photos of her. She kept making the funniest face every time she caught me taking a picture...  Personality oozing out of her lil' ears I tell ya.

Lastly, I know it's Just another music monday, and I had something, but then my 30 day editing software trial is over. I am debating between sticking with the Final Cut Pro which I find super user friendly, or going with Adobe Premier, cause I've been hearing good things. Any tips or thoughts from you editing gurus out there? Until I get that worked out (hopefully this week), I thought I would share this video from the archives. 

Quite a while back I had received an invite (in the form of a tweet) to go record with the Lower Lights, if you may or may not remember. They are one of my favorite music collaborations out of Provo, Utah, I've mentioned them on many occasion. But if ya haven't been introduced, The lower lights are a slew of abundantly talented music  making folks that get together in the studio to create spontaneous musical magic, re-interpreting hymns and other classic songs of a spiritual or Gospel nature... a Hymn Revival! You really should get into The Lower Lights... so good.

This was one of the tunes that myself and a few of the lads arranged and harmonized in the stairwell of the studio. It is a song we used to sing in primary, particularly around Easter. It is called "He sent his Son". Primary songs are simple and pure, they have a way of transcending our stubborn overcomplicated grown up minds and getting into our hearts and reminding us of our more innocent selves.  Well it does for me anyway :) I really hope this video works for you, I couldn't find it on youtube so it's a ustream video therefore it's a bit wonky at times. Please endure the lame advertisement at the beginning and take a listen... (if it doesn't work, watch it on the little screen here)

"Have faith, have Hope, live like his son, help others on their way..."

Oh and a few more things:

-An idol update with my pal Lyndsey Parker at Yahoo Music. Are you watching this year? Who's your fave?

-Have you heard of Jessie Baylin? I wrote a little post about her and her record (which is my new favorite) over on The Girls with Glasses Blog


  1. Wow! I loved hearing your take on this season! I was super glad it was such a long video, not just like five minutes long. I think Kree is my favorite, but I think Angie is lined up to win... she had such a huge early impression with her original song You Set Me Free. It's also really good to hear that your "normal" family life is doing well. Your blog updates are always fun to read and watch!

  2. Oh, your voice! I also ADORE The Lower Lights, so this was just a beautiful combination of awesome goodness.
    Also, your little Loo is the cutest.

  3. Beautiful song. The collaboration was so beautiful. Will it be coming out on an upcoming album? Checking out their music now :) - Alexandra

  4. I love your Easter pictures and it sounds like you and your family enjoyed a nice weekend together.

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. That is a favorite of mine and I LOVE what you did with it! Thank you for the boost.

  6. Love it! And love little loo dressed as a bunny!

  7. Looks like a girl can win Idol this year!

  8. Beautiful song-- a long time favorite with a perfect folksy twist. I love "just another music monday"... I find all of your tunes and thoughts very inspiring. Keep 'em comin'!

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  10. Thanks for an awesome blog Brooke! You were my favorite on American Idol and it's fun to hear what you are doing. Your baby is adorable.