Monday, April 15, 2013


So if ya didn't know, my dear pal Summer Bellessa and I started this quirky little webseries three years ago known as The Girls with Glasses Show!

In three years we have created nearly 100 videos, we live in two different states, Summer had two babies, I had my first, there have been records, movies, magazines and whole lot of crazy in between. Really it's miraculous that we continue to pull this thing off. But, we have had a blast developing the girls with glasses, and to celebrate the occasion we are doing a give-away of our favorite things! Woo hoo!

Head on over to our blog to enter to win!! Super good stuff!!

Here are a few of my favorite videos to get ya started if you've never been acquainted with our four-eyed fun.

It all began with a song...

the story...

trainwrecks and catfights

(ps- please don't never sit on train tracks and tie yourself up with a rope)

we love hats


  1. I love all you do here! I seriously think you are so amazing and an awesome role model. Thanks!

  2. Girl, How do you not have more comments here?! I smiled all the while. LOVE!