Tuesday, June 22, 2010


it's that time again... I look up at the right hand corner of my screen, my heart starts to race, with only one minute to spare, I consider the thought that if I wait even seconds more I will have dropped the ball and ruined everything. Well, that might be a little dramatic... (me... dramatic? c'mon) It's been 19 days since I publicly declared that I would post a blog every day for the rest of June... I'm happy to state that I have remained true to that declaration, and that I am just 11 days away from the solidification of a new habit (based on the scientific study that it takes 30 days...don't have an official source, you can google it). However I have found myself creating another habit, one of procrastination, of cutting it down to the wire, waiting quite literally till the last minute to post. Why do I do this?

I'll tell ya why... is it the rush... my lame way of living on the edge? Kinda, but mainly it's just that this blogging everyday thing is much harder than I anticipated. The thought sits anxiously at the back of my mind all day, that dang blog badger "so what are you gonna blog about today? huh? huh?" I start to take inventory of my day, of my thoughts, experiences, ideas... (and there is no shortage) "no, not that... too boring, too chipper, too personal, too complicated, to sappy... too lazy? " ahh, and there I go again with my PWATMist ways ... over-whelming, over-thinking, over-analyzing, till I arrive at the point where I am... well, over-it. These are the moments that I just stare into the computer screen, with nothing but a great big scary question mark staring right back at me, like a staring contest... tonight the question mark wins.

So this is what I got: I DON'T KNOW.

That being said, maybe you do... do you? well that is assuming that "you" are reading this, maybe not. But if you are, I am open to good suggestions... Blog Topics? Help me... please:)


  1. hi Brooke.

    i personally share the same sentiments with you. way back in college (and that's not to far back by the way) i was a writer for our school's publication. i do have these times, these moments. we're given a month to write but i would slack off and write during the deadline. it works sometimes, you know. the rush makes you think and write of lots of things. it's just not assured though that what you write is interesting to read.

    with this that you wrote, i remember one time when i was assigned to write an essay. it might be too easy to think about writing anything that comes in mind but it was most difficult for me. until one of my editors told me "how about writing about not being able to write or about not wanting to write?". and BINGO. that's what i wrote about - about my failure to write, about not being able to write, about not having an idea of what to write.

    just like this post. :) and it made me smile... you are a good writer, Brooke. it's amazing all those blogging despite the crazy (i assume) schedule you have. sometimes, writing is a day's relief. :) don't get too pressured on writing what will and will not interest your readers because you, having a name in the music industry, would surely be interesting.

    have a great day!

  2. ah, I have this daunting task myself. I've had a blog for two years now (yes, two whole years), and I just reopened my site after a mini hiatus. My goal too it to blog every day, and I've already dropped the ball after just a few days of being open. But I, too, constantly think of what to blog about. My life is pretty uneventful and unexciting, but I almost feel an obligation to keep people coming back, so I often blog about the most random things. I think you should do a food blog though. Teach us some of your favorite recipes :D

  3. hello there!
    i suggest things that you learned about yourself or realizations, random facts about you

    ☺ ♥ ☺

  4. You could write about "nothing" and I'd still read it, because you'd make it sound special!

  5. You can write anything from 'your closet' or the best/worst vacation trip, a world event that is meaningful to you, a conflict that was never resolved, a difficult situation you had to deal with, your underdog moment (if any), rituals that you do/like/hate, how you mastered a skill, stories behind songs... Talking is easy, I know. Lol. Or you can promote something, tease fans, critique a service/article, although I don't think you have the heart for it ;)

    Happy writing, Brooke!

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  7. First of all, Brooke, the simple fact that you're blogging every day is more than enough. I'd enjoy reading it if you posted your grocery list. Don't underestimate the significance of what you write. I believe nothing is "boring" if it has purpose (now, too sappy, THAT I could believe! =). It also goes without saying that this blog makes fans like myself feel more connected to you, and that's a victory in itself.

    You were raised in Mesa, Arizona from what I can tell. I'd love to hear about your hometown; what was it like? What were a few of your favorite places to go there? What are some of your best memories in Mesa? Everything has an origin, and I'd just like to hear a little bit about your childhood in Mesa. If someone asked me about my hometown, I'd be thrilled to share some of my favorite spots and most memorable experiences there. Give us an insight into Brooke White before she built her legion of fans.

    I wanted to add this:
    My family loves your music, generally speaking. For me in particular, you're a change of pace from what I normally listen to. But I admire you for following your dreams and I will continue to follow you; I'm hoping to meet you one day. I figured I'd make that known here. I feel like there's a good chance you'll get to read it =)

    - Matt

  8. Brooke I think you started this Blog because you know that people want to know about you and you want to be closer to them. But you also want to be Cool (like Almost Famous). Just let it flow.
    I love reading whatever you write because you are naturally cool :)

  9. If you go to my blog and look at my topics I did this thing called a 30 day meme. It gives you a topic. You could do that.

  10. Firsts! first love, first day of idol, first day of high school or college, first song you ever learned. Or maybe just about something weird that happened that day. Remember writer's block is only when you judge your own writing too intensely.

  11. I think you should write about random, unknown facts about you :)

  12. it's fun to *peek* in at the everyday stuff. What do you always put in your grocery basket? What drives you crazy (besides thinking up stuff for the blog)?! What are you reading--what suggestions would you give? Road trip?!! Take us along--even if it's in your dreams- where would we stop? why there? What shampoo do you use on that gorgeous head of hair? Best restaurant where you live? where you've traveled?
    Just start looking at your everyday life as "show and tell" --you'll be amazed.

  13. Hey Brooke! First off, great job at doing the blogs. I don't think I could ever do anything like that because I forget, procrastinate, or leave things to the last minute.

    If you need ideas, maybe you can write about a crazy/funny story that happened to you sometime. Or maybe a random list of things you like or things about you. You can even get as random as....a crazy cool invention you would create to make life easier. If all else fails (which I'm sure it won't. Even if you write about nothing, it still seems interesting) then you can say "When I'm SAD I.... , When I'm (Happy, Hungry, Mad, Scared, Tired, Homesick, Giggly, etc.) I...."

  14. You could try answering one of those "30 Day" memes that are circulating around. Having a set topic to write about each days helps to get your writing flowing. These memes are posted all over Tumblr (another great blogging site).

  15. Even something simple about your every-day life would be okay. And it doesn't have to be profound and it doesn't have to be long. A few sentences is fine. Also, try to write things that you want to preserve or remember, almost like a journal; you might think it's uninteresting to other people, but it's what YOU want to write about that matters.

    About procrastination, I have a friend who writes whenever she gets the urge. She will write 2 or 3 posts at a time if the mood strikes her and saves them, then just posts each one at a later date. Genius!

  16. I'm a little late to this party but how about sharing a story about a person who inspired you in some way?