Sunday, June 27, 2010


I love to doodle... I'm pretty sure I'm a better listener when I doodle... or play tetris... it's true. Today during church I was doodling in my notebook... then I decided to start sketching random people in the congregation.

this guy had no idea...
this little girl caught me...
he was doodling too...
and she wouldn't sit still


  1. Ah, doodling during church... tsk tsk

    The first thing that came to mind looking at those pictures is "it's good to see kids at church." Second, you're a pretty darn good doodler. Michelangelo would've loved mentoring you =)

  2. I couldn't figure out the first guy, but those last three kids look pretty familiar... M, E, and Z?! Just a guess!

  3. Wow, youre very talented, apparently in more ways than one!

  4. lol, that's awesome

    PS: Have you ever heard of Randy Pausch? Your post about love being the greatest teacher reminded me of his last lecture video about achieving childhood dreams (it's on on Youtube). Anyway, thought you'd enjoy it if you haven't seen it.

  5. Hi Brooke, you really are very talented young women and very good with a Crockpot I hear :)

  6. now i know what i need to bring next sunday to church... a sketchpad :)

    you rock- can your siblings draw?

  7. these are great doodles! and oh! it's your 27th blogpost! 3 more and you have completed your promise to us! hope you continue writing coz we all enjoy it! :D

  8. Singer, Writer, Artist... What talent don't you possess???

  9. i definitely listen better during church when i'm doodling too. except i just doodle my notes with word pictures and such. and the sermon title is always some kinda of graphic. people look at me funny when i whip out this giant sketchbook when the sermon begins.