Thursday, June 24, 2010

A to Z...

Me from A to Z: Only one word (ok... maybe 2-ish) for each Letter... some letters were a real stretch, I'm fighting the urge to give an explanation for each, just gonna keep it short and simple for a change. This is harder then you'd think... give it a try! Thanks Ashlee G. for the idea...

A- Artist
B- Bed-maker
C- Christian
D- Detailed
E- Emotional
F- fifth
G- Goofy
H- Hungry
I- indecisive
J- jolly
K- kid
L- Lover
M- married
N- near-sighted
O- optimistic
P- procrastinator
Q- Quirky
R- right-brained
S- sensitive
T- thinker
U- upbeat
V- vulnerable
W- worrier
X- xylophone fan
Y- yellow
Z- zealous


  1. Oh, I feel so famous!! I love your A-Z! I love that your a bed-maker! I never make my, but I always intend to!

  2. i have a hard listing things that are one-word or really short answers... i'm such a talker and i like to explain EVERYTHING. sheesh... you did it perfectly, though! :)

  3. you did this wonderfully. :)

    <3chelsea elizabeth

  4. Very proud of you for getting this up before midnight :D Happy to read an entry before I went to bed on my birthday! Hope you enjoyed Toy Story 3...I went and saw it last night as well. Who'd ya like out of the new characters? Ken was funny!

  5. Hi Brooke; from following you on AI to reading your Blogs, Twitter etc. your list sounds like you. Nice job! I would like to hear your opinion on the use of "Auto Tune" and where you see the boundaries in the music business and Live performances.

  6. I like what you did with "X", haha. :)