Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So tonight I've had a chance to read through your kind comments, and wonderful suggestions for blog topics, (I thank you... will be using those suggestions in further blog posts!) as I was reading through previous posts I came across the sweetest comment from this lovely gal Catherine... anywho she had mentioned that she had done a cover of my song "Change" and asked me if I could watch it on YouTube... so of course I went and watched, and before I knew it I had stumbled across a slew of youtube videos displaying people performing covers of my own original songs... I have to say it is kind of a trip, and yet an honor to see and hear people singing my tunes, especially in their own interpretation, I really enjoyed watching them and then I thought to myself, looks like I've found tonight's blog post...

So I was thinking I would post a handful of the videos that I found. Interestingly, "Hold Up My Heart" seems to be the most popular to cover... funny, I just mentioned on my blog a few nights ago that it was my favorite song from "High Hopes & Heartbreak" !

May I ask that if you wish to comment on the videos that you do so with kindness and respect. Speaking from experience, It takes a great deal of courage to let your voice be heard, to perform and put it out there for people to hear and often times take the risk of being criticized or judged... especially in this day and age where the internet allows anyone and everyone the platform to express their opinions from the most adoring to the most hateful. First thing I learned on idol was to resist the temptation to "google" my own name, or read what everyone had to say about me. I did it one time and that was all I needed to learn my lesson. Anyways, as usual I am going off on another tangent, perhaps that topic is another blog post at another time!

Enjoy the cute vids:

PS- Happy Birthday to Randy Jackson... seriously the nicest.


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  2. its pretty incredible to see everyones different interpretations on amazing songs. so beautiful and diverse. That piano cover was unreal! Blew my mind!:) Great job everyone!

    Julia (julia_13)

  3. Brooke, I would like to hear your opinion on why people need to overly criticize (hurt) people especially in Music. For me if I do not like that artist or that type of music I would not criticize them I would just go fine someone that I enjoy.

  4. It's just easy. It's easy to criticize someone who's vulnerable. But these people are choosing to put themselves in such a position and now they're getting recognized by the very artist they covered. That's pretty special.

    I wish I had more musical talent. Unfortunately I'm much more of an athlete than a musician (one of the reasons I so admire singer/songwriters) so I can't serenade Brooke with a gripping rendition of her own music. But these people, the ones whose videos got posted... they earned this.. I hope all of them realize Brooke is praising them on her blog; they deserve it.

    Brooke, this was a great topic you pulled outta the hat. Your first album needs some praise too. "Come To My Rescue" especially is an awesome song.

  5. What a cool blog, appreciating the fans that appreciate you!

  6. That is so sweet of you to post these videos! My mom really likes you, and every time you sang on American Idol she would say, even before you sang, 'she's's amazing. I want her to win' so if you gave her a shout out she would be really excited, her name is Carol! Thanks!

  7. Great videos! E really like the first video, the girl is awesome :)

  8. I think that you haven't checked out my covers of your songs with my piano playing on Youtube yet. I'm from Vietnam and I'm a big fan of ya :D. Check them out if you have time:
    - Sometimes Love:
    - Radio radio:
    - Smile:
    - High Hopes & Heartbreak:

  9. These are amazing! I wish I had already uploaded the cover I did of Radio Radio! :) You're so sweet.

  10. Wow! Love this blog. I have really enjoyed these singers'/musicians' interpretations of your songs. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I once heard Emily Saliers of The Indigo Girls say how amazing it is to hear people sing a song that she wrote. I can only imagine how it would feel. I can carry a tune, but am not even remotely close to being American Idol material so I only share my musical talent with myself (and sometimes my spouse) as I am known to crank the music in the car while I am driving and sing my heart out! I adored the young girl singing “Hold Up My Heart”. You could see her passion for the song, both the lyrics and the music. And her comment, “This is one of those great songs that you’re always gonna like”; it reminded me of when you, Brooke, said that “Yellow” is one of those songs that you wished you had written. It must feel wonderful knowing how many lives you are touching with your music. Thanks for sharing this…