Friday, June 18, 2010


11.) Jim_Fern: At what point would you feel that you were totally successful in your singing career?

A: Jim this is a good question, I don't think I have a good answer. Success in this business is kind of like a mirage... you're walking in the desert for miles and miles... you're tired, thirsty... there it is, you can see it... it always seems like it is just beyond your fingertips, just a few more steps and then...

Point being, I am not sure what success is, I am trying to re-define that for myself with some kind of non-mirage-ish expectaions, I've had success, but I figure it's not like a final destination... more like lots of stops along the way, the trick is taking a second to stop, appreciate the view from where ever your standing, acknowledge how far you've come, take some pictures and then keep moving. When will I ever feel "totally successful"... knowing me? Probably never...

12.) Beth Winslett Fontenot: What do you do when you hit a creative block? What gets you through it? I'm having that problem with my art right now. :-(

A: Sorry to hear you're stuck Beth, creative blocks are not my favorite either. How do I get through it? Truthfully? Not very well... usually it just results in me pulling out the scissors and cutting my bangs. Sometimes, I just give into it, I stop trying, I walk away, take a break, let it be, do something else... like vacuum. And then there are times that I just suffer through it with persistence and pound my forehead on the keys, scribble a bunch of nonsense on a pad of paper until I finally stumble onto something semi worthwhile, sometimes hours later, days later, months later even. Another thing I do when I am feeling completely drained or uninspired is try some other artistic medium like painting a bedroom, doodling with sharpies, photography or even re-organizing a closet. Just get up and dance, turn up the music, or turn it down... whatever you do, do something that makes you happy. There is a great book you should read if you haven't already, "The Artists Way" there are a plethora of good ideas in there to get you back on the path of creativity...

13.) Justin Shekleton: Which famous person did you first have a crush on?

A: so my parents have told me that when I was at the age of 3 I had a thing for Peter Cetera, as in the lead singer of Chicago... whenever one of their songs came on the radio I would scream "Peter Cetera Peter Cetera!!"... true story.

As well, my favorite song was "Bad Boys" by Gloria Estefan.

14.) Ben Perez: What is your favorite song on the radio right now?

A: Generally I listen to oldies or Classic Rock, but I still try to flip through the stations just to stay up to date with whats playing on the airwaves... I am super in love with "Free" by the Zac Brown Band and "Bulletproof" by LaRoux is perfect for dancing in the mornings, both are on my Summer playlist:)

15.) Alexandra_121: Would you ever consider writing a book?

A: I dunno, perhaps someday, I could use some more experience first, a lot more experience. Seems daunting, I am just trying to write one blog post a day for the month of june right now... it's tricky. Seriously, Props to my good pal Archie for writing his first book "Chords of Strength"... he is however, a super human:)

16.) Mary Ellen Carney: Name one thing you miss about being a kid. Name one thing you love about being an adult?

A. One thing I miss about being a kid... Summer Vacation!! When you're little it never occurs to you that when you grow up you don't get three months of the year off. Enjoy it kids while it lasts!! One thing I Love about being an adult... DRIVING! I still love to drive... there are some days I am driving down the California Freeway in my car listening to music with the windows down and I think to myself "am I really driving? am I an adult? is this for real?!" I still can't believe my life sometimes.

17.) mattyg1297: Whats the most exotic thing you've eaten??

A: I have been told that I have a very "uncultured pallet" and it's true. I love pizza, steak, in and out burger , cupcakes and mashed potatoes... sorry, I just like to stick with what I know is very delicious. When I was 18 I remember going on a date with this guy, he insisted that I try sushi... he was very attractive and charming therefore I did try the sushi, and I did not like it. I still don't. Dave doesn't like it either, basically we are the only 2 people in Los Angeles that don't partake of the sushi...

18.)Milo Fagar:

We all know you love cupcakes... but I was curious, what food do you really really dislike?
A: Other than Sushi? Mayonnaise is frightening as well as miracle whip (eeby jeebies), sour cream, cottage cheese, tuna in a can is definitely not allowed in my house, egg salad, bologna is bad news and then of course, as I've mentioned on numerous occasions, sandwiches are also a non-favorite. With the exception of grilled cheese, BLT and PB& honey.

19.)Jehan_J i think u should answer a question of a brazilian fan: What is ur favorite song on the album and what it means to you?

A: I have always said that i don't have a favorite, but now I realize that I do... "Hold Up My Heart" is my favorite track on High Hopes and Heart Break (a lot of H's). Why? It was the first track that I recorded for the record, I can remember how I felt when I first heard the playback... I can't explain it, it was everything I wanted it to be, it was reminiscent of the music that I listened to as a kid... it had a melancholy happiness, the fuzziness of the recording, the loose yet natural rhythm of the band, it wasn't glossy or overly modern, I knew there was nothing like it on top 40 radio, I knew it was a risk, but I knew it was what I had to do, I couldn't stop listening to it, I still can't... it set the tone for the record.

20.) realdetective: I loved seeing Kris wearing the California Song shirt. But which Kris shirt did he send you? Was it the Elephant one!?



  1. Re: question #11: Sometimes I just aim for progress instead of success. Eventually the one will lead to the other.

  2. Success is definitely a point of view thing. Consider yourself a success now! But that doesn't mean you give up the hunger for accomplishing more, sharing more, loving more, celebrating more.

  3. Love me that shirt! I got to get me one!

  4. PB and Honey!? I must try that!

    A note on creative blocks, it's important to remember the only thing stopping you is you. It's necessary to temporarily stop judging what you do so intensely and just let whatever you think BE.

  5. Totally agree with you on the sushi. As I always say, "If God had meant us to eat raw fish, he wouldn't have made Long John Silver's."

  6. Love the shirt! (And "Hold Up My Heart" is my favorite from your album, too. LOVE THAT SONG.)

    I signed in to pass on some wise words from an author I heard speak on the subject of writers' block. He said the key to getting past writers' block is lowering your standards. Very smart, I think. It's about not censoring yourself or thinking you're not good enough, just letting it come however it comes and then fixing it later -- much later -- if you need to. But we all tend to hold ourself to such high standards (higher than we hold anybody else) and that can be so hard to get past in creative pursuits. So I say -- lower your standards!

  7. its funny you come from a family who loves to cook... or cooks tasty food at least... & you are so picky! i love that! I am SO picky too & i think mike will make fun of me forever and ever for it! :) Love reading your answers to all the Qs! good idea!

  8. The way I see it, the journey you take towards getting to that 'final destination' is what's most important. You should celebrate the opportunities we receive as we move along our course in life. I totally stole this way of thinking from Glee.
    Thanks for sharing your tips on overcoming creative blocks. I've been feeling a bit uninspired lately when it comes to my writing. I'll definitely have to check out "The Artist's Way".
    Listening to the oldies and classic rock stations, uncultured palettes, dislike for sushi - I swear, we are like two peas in a pod!
    I think David Archuleta is Superman in disguise. :)

  9. I love Hold Up My Heart, when I hear it it reminds me of the AI performance and how excited our family was to see you back on the show again.
    My favorite from the album is Smile, though- devastatingly beautiful, sad but hopeful and so honest. I love the swell of the bridge and the falsetto at the end. Just great, nicely done!

  10. I am question #12. :-) Thanks, Brooke! As I posted on FB, I have the book, The Artist's Way. There is also a workbook that goes with it. I am a watercolor artist and a wannabe writer. Another book that I found inspiring is Elizabeth Berg's Escaping Into The Open. She normally writes fiction, but this book is about writing. It is full of writing exercises. Thanks for all the suggestions. I particularly like "lower your standards". I am so, so hard on myself and expect perfection. There's no such thing. I have to keep telling myself that!

  11. do any of you guys have a picture of Kris Allen wearing that California Song shirt?

    i love reading these. it's just refreshing. :)