Thursday, June 17, 2010


This is taking a bit longer then I expected... so I am going to break it up into 2 parts, 10 questions today... 10 questions tomorrow! Thanks for partyin'...

1.) MLEwritergirl Q: written any new songs lately? and will we get to hear them?
A: I've written a few, I've got a writing session tomorrow... eventually you will hear them... well, at least the good ones:)

2.) kcgeek4vocab : Is it discouraging if only few people show up for show? Or are you just happy that anyone shows up?
A: Great question... Honest Answer... Yes, it is discouraging... embarrassing, awkward, humbling, yet a necessary experience . The truth is, it's going to happen, and it has happened, to me, to Billy Joel, to anyone who has taken the risk of performing, and when it does happen you have to remember that those few people did show up! They deserve the best show you can give them. The stage requires a great deal of mental toughness, something I am most definitely still working to acquire...

3.) Makinsey : favorite tv show when you were a kid?

4.) flyingtonowhere : if you were offered a guest starring role on the show of your choice, which would you pick?
A: Hmmm... comedy VS. drama... 30 Rock or Friday Night Lights both are my faves.

5.) John Cecchini:
What's your favorite song by...The Carpenters, James Taylor, and Carole King?
A: How about top 2? Carpenters-We've only just begun or Close to You/ James Taylor-Shower the People or Something in the Way She Moves/ Carole King- So Far Away or It's too late.

6.) asparklechick: Are you going to upgrade to an iphone 4 or stay with the one you have now? (I love mine, but I'm undecided) Thoughts? :)
A: iWant

7.) LauragraceN: Do you have a theme song??? You know, a song that psyches you up before doing something nervy! Mine is Pressure-Billy Joel
A: uh huh, on idol I used to listen to "make it happen" by Mariah Carey and pace up and down the hall on show days... some people thought it was hilarious. When I met Mariah I told her:)

8.) ElizabethThe: Who are some of your style inspirations? Whose closet would you love to raid? Feel free to include pictures. :)
A: Zooey: fun, vintage-y and feminine
Sienna: bohemian, laid back... effortless. and i love j.crew this year

9:) avarix98: In your opinion, what are the three things that make up inner beauty?
A: Just 3? Humor, Compassion, Optimism... for starters:)

10.) live_free_319: Who would be your ideal dinner guests if it were you and 3 people you've yet to meet?
A: My kids...


  1. awh... i love your answer on the last question. :)
    you and Dave will have them soon, Brooke. and they'll be lovely... :D

  2. zooey and sienna - they both have pretty flawless style. <3

    and the wonder years is one of my favourite shows! :) when i was little, my aunt and uncle and cousins lived in burbank, around the corner from winnie's house, and i remember running down street and quietly watching her and fred savage film scenes. :) such an awesome childhood memory...

  3. Aww, your last answer is so sweet! :)

    Thanks for doing this. It's so much fun to read your answers!

  4. Brooke! Thank you so so so much for picking my question! It's the first one, and it totally made my day! I just woke up and read this! :) You're amazing!!!! <3

  5. I love Zooey and The Wonder Years too! I love your answer to #10--I'd love to meet my unborn kids too. :)

  6. Zooey and Sienna have such fabulously distinct fashion sense. I think you'd be great on 30 Rock. :)

  7. thanks for giving us a *peek* inside your head and your heart

  8. #10 was my question and I really appreciate you answering it... you will make a fantastic mother, Brooke; you're the encouraging kind, and I hope your future children become as happy and successful as you.. as for me, I'm always gonna be a fan, and I'm thrilled you chose my question -- I feel like a friend now =)

    P.S. big fan of Zooey Deschanel, too; you're both so fun and quirky, I was pleasantly surprised to see you were a fan of her too -- She & Him is awesome. (I was also thrilled you tweeted about 24; my favorite show of all time!) you're the best, Brooke. Come to NJ/NY so I can catch you live!