Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well I just took a look in the mirror for the first time today... I was frightened a little bit, lets just say I definitely wont be entering any beauty pageants any time soon. Not to mention that I went out in public this way, maybe I should be embarrassed, oh well.

That being said, mi casa is lookin' good... This was the first Saturday in maybe a year that we've had the freedom and time to dedicate the entire day to Home Improvement, and that excites me a whole lot, seriously. Being out and about and busy all the time means that our little house gets neglected... Well not today, after a few trips to Home Depot, Osh and Dunn Edwards (btw, superb customer service... love the nice folks at Dunn Edwards) we pretty much replaced every lightbulb, fixed every broken drawer, cleaned out underneath the sinks (gross), shampoo'd all the carpets, touched up old paint, sprayed the house for bugs, swept the back porch, pulled weeds, cleaned out the fridge, fixed the garage door AND last but not least, went to Costco... Woo!

I know, this blog post is so captivating that you can hardly stand it. Believe me, I'm struggling to contain my excitement, I mean my little fingers just can't type the words out fast enough I tell ya! For real though, I loved today, and I love cleaning, because I am a seriously big weirdo.

In all fairness I did provide a disclaimer from the beginning... "I can't promise it will always be interesting", maybe I should have said "I can promise that it won't always be interesting" and I would deliver on that promise, Nonetheless, here it is, my blog post for June 19, 2010. Hope your Saturday was a special day...

Oh and Tomorrow... it's all about you Dads!!

Ps. I had to post this picture of Mary Poppins... cause she rules.


  1. As they say “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

  2. Cleaning underneath the sinks is pretty serious! I want a cleaning day, but every time we have a free day it seems like we have to go do something, sometimes that's good, but sometimes I'd really rather be cleaning. I'm actually jealous of your cleaning day!

  3. Brooke, I love you and your love for vacuuming and cleaning, lol.

  4. It can be hard to get into a "cleaning" state of mind, but when it's all done, you feel really good that you did it! Kind of like exercising!

  5. mary poppins is one of my childhood heroes. she's the coolest. seriously.