Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Good day... started up guitar lessons cause I want to be "more better", gotta keep learning, I want to be Clapton, I want to "shred" your face off, well not really... really my goal is to be able to play the guitar solo in "I can't tell you why" and perhaps write some new songs with out the C chord... although I really do adore C... such a solid key.

Trying to help the neighbors save a lil' black dog that was found just roaming the hood for the last few days... I feel terrible for the little guy, he was shaking in his coat, I can't blame him, I would be afraid too if I had to walk the streets of Los Angeles alone.... no tags, no food, no home:( I have a good friend that works for BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY, so she is gonna help us with getting him to a safe place and hopefully find him a happy home!

As well, today was the California Primary so that means it's time to get out an exercise our right to vote! Now I can't claim to be the most politically savvy gal around, but I do think it is important to vote, and to be aware and educated on what we are voting for. We read through ballot and had a discussion last night in preparation. Dave was especially excited as this was the first time he has EVER voted since becoming an official US citizen in December. He even got it right on his first try. I on the other hand, made a tiny mistake and had to try again... are you surprised? Apparently Arnold the "Governator" also needed a do-over so I don't feel so bad.

Went on an evening hike with the youth group from church tonight... honestly I'm not big on hiking, but this was an easy breezy one, and the view from the top always makes it worth it. I snapped a few photos along the trail with my iphone. I love the iphone camera, there is something so authentic about the way it captures a moment. Then I use "shake it photo" app, (and my favorite app) and turn it into a polaroid picture... it even makes the sound, it'slike magic...

We live in a beautiful world... yeah we do, yeah we do...


  1. I love hiking! But what I like better? Taking pictures and video. We recently got a canoe... now to find a waterproof video camera :)

    PS Yay for voting! Here we voted a couple weeks ago. The volunteers there were surprised all 8 people from our family were there, apparently not the norm, lol.

  2. Oh my. Are you the Young Women's leader in your ward? That is absolutely perfect.

  3. What beautiful pictures!! It must make you feel like you're on top of the world when you reach the highest point of the hike :)

  4. Love the peace photo. Hiking is good, good exerise that is...I like to run a bike myself. To each their own.

  5. Good luck on the guitar! I've made it one of my life goals to at least learn a little about how to play!

    I've just downloaded that app! Thanks for the recommendation. Here are a few more camera/photo apps I know you will love, to return the favor:

    - Best Camera
    - Lo-Mob (makes photos look vintage w/ a variety of filters and frames)
    - Hipstamatic (same description as above but different effects)
    - QuadCamera (like a photo booth)

    We reviewed them on our blog and showed examples from each one. :)


  6. Hiking is really cool, I think!
    I went on a hike on Catalina Island in April, it was awesome!