Monday, June 21, 2010


Gonna be in Girls with Glasses mode all week... time to go to bed, gotta get some beauty sleep before stepping in front of the High Def camera in the morning... it's scary I tell ya.


this is also my favorite:


  1. haha that is scary, but its okay. im sure you would still look beautiful! :-)

    <3chelsea elizabeth

  2. So Brooke.. You're basically one of my largest inspirations as a musician, and I just covered your song Change and it would mean the world to me if you would watch it. I basically adore you as a person and a musician. You really really mean a lot to me. Anyway, I figured this was the best way to get awhile of you since it seems to be less populated than your Twitter. If you have the time, it would really mean a lot to me to watch my video.. If not that's okay too. I'll still love and look up to you. <3

    It won't let me post HTML... You've probably blocked it for spam purposes. But my username is 'chemicalhippos' and it's the most recent video on my channel. :) Its probably kinda weird asking you to do this... I dunno. It just mean a whole lot to me.

    Catherine xx

  3. we have a feeling you'll look AMAZING :) We just posted our 16 year old model in CUPCAKE QUEEN--no editing/touch up needed--we didn't know if we should jump for joy or kill her.