Sunday, December 5, 2010


Woke up in Nashville this morning to snow falling out side my hotel window... this is of course not a common occurrence for me, having been born and raised in the Arizona desert and then moving to southern California. I've never experienced a white christmas, let alone a real change in Seasons. No fall leaves or dramatic temperature change... just sunshine most the time, I can hardly complain, I live for the sunshine. And anyone that knows me knows that I have little to no tolerance for cold weather... I just don't know how people do it. I suppose they acclimate, but really, do they? I mean having lived in the opposite extreme, I never could get used to burning my hands on the steering wheel of my car during the summer time. Even still I think the cold would be harder. Thankfully I live in California where it stays pretty close to my favorite temperature of 78 degrees almost daily.

That all being said... their was something so magical about seeing the flakes of white flutter to the ground so gracefully. I felt like I was in the middle of a snow globe, though it didn't really stick to the ground. I was so excited that I did a little dance around the room and shouted "It's snowing!!!", kind of reminded me of when I was a kid and we would go up North to the cabin where there would be a few inches of fresh powder on the ground this time of year. And we lived to go play in the snow, from the moment we woke up until it became dark outside, completely undaunted by our frozen fingers and toes. We would sled down into the green belt, sometimes making sleds out of strange objects, such as the large crisper drawer out of the refrigerator or plastic bags... slightly dangerous at times now that I think about it, but the fancy sleds were few and there were dozens of cousins, we had to get creative and resourceful. It was fun, nowadays however, I find that I enjoy the snow much more from the indoors, close to the heater, looking out the window with my hot chocolate in hand. I spent most the day just snuggled inside, playing my guitar, writing songs and mezmorized by the view... made me happy. Tomorrow is my last day in the Winter wonderland and it's back to SoCal, where I will be dreaming of a White Christmas...

(picture is from Idaho last year when I did a show... might be the coldest I've ever been... ever)


  1. I have a love, hate relationship with snow. I live in Minnesota which means I see plenty of it! I love going skiing and then sitting in the lounge drinking hot chocolate by the fire. I love making snowmen with my neighbors and running around in fresh powder but I hate driving in blizzards, having to scrape down my car after school and work and the cold. But I don't think Christmas would be the same if there wasn't snow.

  2. Snow is great when you’re a child. Miss a day of school, sleigh riding etc. But as you grow up it isn’t that much fun anymore. Driving, shoving, etc. I’ve lived in CT all my life. My entire family is here so "Home is where the heart is". But at the same time I don’t like hot weather either. Every day in SCAL seems the same to me. So I will probably stay here for the rest of my life. My son and daughter in law are in the process of moving back to CT from San Francisco. Go figure :-)

  3. i'm in southern california and oh how i wish it would snow in orange county. a girl can dream. ;)