Thursday, December 9, 2010


a little birdie (flanigan fan) tweeted this today... apparently a few promos for "Change of Plans" just popped up in the last twenty four hours. I've have yet to see the movie, watched a few of the clips, which of course is completely freakin' me out, cause I thoroughly do not enjoy watching myself, but curiosity got the best of me and I just had to watch. So it's starting to hit me that this whole movie thing is for real! Hyperventilation, paper bag please. Aaahhhh!

okay, so i have to take the preview down, cause I've just been informed that unfortunately it was up for editing purposes and was meant to be set to "private" and wasn't supposed to go public yet. So there was a little technical mishap, sorry! Thanks for such a great response, In time they will be re-released along with other new promos, so keep watching fox and be on the look out!

Sorry for the miniature, barely there post last night... you might have to get out a microscope to read it it's so small. Not to make excuses, but I had a long songwriting session yesterday, on top of days upon days of writing, and it seems as if my creative brain is somewhat like an empty tube of toothpaste, and just when you think it's all gone and that your out, you muster all your strength and roll it up from the bottom and you squeeze and squeeze until that unattractive vain in your forehead begins to bulge and you start to break a sweat, and then just when you are about to chuck it in the trash, you manage to squeeze out just the tiniest bit of toothpaste, just enough to maybe brush your two front teeth... yep thats me. Actually I had typed out a rather lengthy post about finally coming home, I read it back to proof it and realized it was just a bunch of nonsensical jibberish. So I held down the delete key until it all vanished and simply wrote "Home... makes me happy", which is all I was trying to say anyway. Truth is, it will probably be the shortest blog I will ever write, it'll never happen again... so enjoy.

And yes Ammon, I'm guilty as charged, on December 6th, I missed a day of blogging and broke my streak in the first week... I know, "lame sauce" in the words of Quinn White. But in my defense, I was sitting on an airplane for six hours in skinny jeans while they cut off my circulation and, I couldn't feel my legs. It was traumatic.

ps- how about those two cuties at the end of the promo?! right?!