Wednesday, December 22, 2010


...years ago today, my baby brother Quinn Michael White was born. I can' t believe it, how does this happen, it just can't be so... but it is so. He hangs out with girls, will be getting his drivers license, he's funny and has developed a real quick wit, He is growing up, and yet it seems like he was just born and I was just 11 and a half... and realizing this makes me feel... uummm, well, never thought I would utter the words but... makes me feel kinda old. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I dug through a bin of dusty old photos I discovered in my parents laundry room, determined to find a photo that captured that unforgettable day that my mom and dad had brought this fascinating little creature home from the hospital, and bingo... I stumbled across this gem, go ahead, just take a look at my super cheezy and yet pretty dang awesome scrapbook page I made when I was maybe 12, I remember I went through this phase that I had to put those dumb dots and squigglies on all of my letters, I guess I thought it was the cutest. And those captions... "tons of love"... funny. But there was tons of love, we were in love, and there I was beaming with joy, a nerdy girl with glasses in my homemade applique and puff paint Christmas sweater and green leggings , the proud big sister to Tyler, Katie and teeny tiny surprise, "Quinny". That is what we called him. We couldn't get enough of him. We all fought over who got to hold him, we had to take turns, we snuggled him, smushed him and dressed him up in outfits and played (gently) with him like he was a toy. I can remember my mom had gone to the hospital three times thinking she had gone into labor, only to come home empty handed with no baby, false alarm! Talk about disappointment... we just couldn't wait to meet him any longer, I can recall praying, "please bless Quinn to be born right now". Finally, just three days before Christmas, he was finally made his debut... to this day, he was the best Christmas present we ever got. Quinn was a miracle, he changed our life, for good:)


  1. This is so sweet, Brooke. I know it shouldn't surprise me, & I guess it really doesn't, but you are such a good person... Just genuinely loving & caring. I loved reading this, it actually brought tears to my eyes. Families are so great. I can't believe how the time has flown either, & now here we are! With families of our own!

  2. I remember visiting with your mom at her house just a day or two before Quinn was born. She was certainly GREAT with child! She was diligently cross stitching a beautiful work of art. His birth was a joyous event!